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We are the official approved DS Doll reseller within the UK.

Authorised to sell DS Dolls and EX Doll products.

Cloud Climax are a Sex Doll UK Specialist. We work with DS Doll / Ex Doll as their Flagship Reseller, We work with Irontech as the Sole UK Reseller. We work with JY Doll and SM Doll as a preferred UK Vendor.

We offer our customers the peace of mind needed when it comes to buying unusual Adult Toys such as Sex Dolls and we offer each customer an undivided Customer Service Experience.

Buy a Sex Doll UK, we are London based and have warehouses in the North of England and in the Netherlands.

Cloud Climax is the main seller of Sex Dolls in the UK.

Sex Dolls UK

Now Available from DS Doll…

The All New EX-Lite DS Doll

You can get more information by emailing us at support@cloudclimax.com

The new DS Doll EX-Lite Sex Doll is available for purchase in our online store for only £929.

 DS Doll Sex Dolls available in the UK from Cloud Climax

At Cloud Climax we believe that a sex doll is a true investment and this is why, along with a payment in full option, we also are now offering a payment plan option. Once the balance is paid in full, which you can do at any time within the agreement, your order will be deemed placed, and your doll will be ordered. You can find more information about this option here.

All of the Doll Sweet dolls are made to order and the whole process from order to delivery should take approximately 5-6 weeks, once payment is made in full. We want your beautiful sex doll to be perfect for you so therefore good time is taken in the manufacturing process to make her absolutely 100% amazing for you. We do have some dolls in stock for next day despatch.

DS Doll Sex Doll Kayla at Cloud Climax the UK and EU Official Authorised Reseller

More than a Sex Doll

Sex Dolls are much more than an adult sex toy – They are a true work of art. We have customers who buy dolls for use as a photographic model, at a promotion event or even for TV work. They are capable of so many poses and are so lifelike!

Each Doll is handmade. The production process at DS Doll involves 80 procedures and takes more than a week.

The doll’s hands, feet and body details are modelled upon real life women. All dolls have a new type of realistic artificial skin which is incredibly real to the touch.

How is She made?

Each procedure and process of creation is completed by professional DS Doll specialist Sculptors, Stylists and Cosmeticians.

In order for the doll to make realistic movements, a bespoke skeleton has been manufactured for use which is more secure and has more longevity than cheaper dolls that use ‘ball joints’. You can opt for tight or loose joints and you can position your lovely lady to ensure you have maximum pleasure from each experience.

Sex Doll Skeleton. Cloud Climax are Authorised to sell DS Dolls and EX Doll products. in UK and EU

The silicone used is Platinum Silicone, which means the dolls are softer than ever before, have less shine, and the skin feels more realistic.

Sex Doll hands and feet Close Up. Cloud Climax sell DS Dolls and EX Doll in the UK & EU

All of the DS Doll’s use a removable insert vagina, which makes for easy cleaning and is easy to insert and replace and all dolls have a penetrable anus. With her lifelike vagina and anus, as well as the feeling of real skin our dolls have, you can really let your imagination go wild.

DS Doll Sex Doll Removable Vaginal Insert

silicone love doll, vagina insert.


15cm deep, with stretch for more insertable length.

DS Dolls and EX Doll Platinum Silicone Safety Reporting

Silicone Sex Doll Safety reports EX Doll & DS Dolls Platinum Silicone Sex Dolls at Cloud Climax in the UK & EU

DS Dolls Sex Dolls

You are also able to dress your companion doll in whatever style you desire. Your beautiful lady is life sized and beautifully proportioned; she will look stunningly sexy in any outfit you choose.

There are many reasons to buy a sex doll but our customers usually tell us one of the following:

  • Photographic Models
  • Sex anytime; day or night
  • Companionship
  • Condoms not needed
  • No risk of STDs
  • No fear of pregnancy
  • You don’t have a current partner
  • Your Sex doll is not emotionally needy
  • Can help improve sexual stamina
  • Saves spending money on escorts and the risks involved

Silicone Sex Dolls last well beyond 5 years providing that you take good care of them. They have an amazing durability. If you are looking for something that looks and feels like a real woman then Silicone Sex is the only way to go!

These are not just Sex Dolls or Fuck Dolls. They are a companion doll, an experience, an investment. They can be anything you want them to be…. And More.

Cloud Climax is the official approved DS Doll retailer within the UK and Europe.

UK and EU Official Approved DS Doll Reseller.