Ex-Lite Kayla Sex Doll New Remastered Version

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Extra Wigs

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Pubic Hair

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The Ex-Lite Kayla Sex Doll New Remastered Version is here at Cloud Climax.

  • The new version boasts a wider silicone insert and vaginal cavity to allow easier penetration.
  • The Polyurethane Foam material is firmer which means less wrinkles, less compression and feels nice and soft to the touch.
  • More hand and feet details.
  • Redesigned Silicone Insert which is longer and more accommodating.

Price includes: –

  • Ex Lite Kayla Doll with kayla head, torso and limbs
  • Extra Kayla head with Closed eyes
  • One bodystocking
  • Pubic Hair is included but not applied to the doll

All about the EX-Lite Doll

The Ex-Lite Kayla Sex Doll New Remastered Version has a strong plastic skeleton.

She is 163cm tall.

The removable limbs mean very little storage space is required for a full size doll. It is easy to disassemble and put away.

She is very lightweight at only 8kg.

The material used is Polyurethane Foam. There is no ‘Skin layer’. The Polyurethane Foam is the skin. The skeleton is made from plastic and is strong and durable.

Please note that all EX-Lite doll’s will come with the new style of DS Doll Insert unless you order an additional original style insert.

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