Sex Robot with AI 168cm Face 3 In Stock Fast Delivery

Sex Robot with AI 168cm Face 3 In Stock Fast Delivery

Sex Robot with Artificial Intelligence

Sex Robot with AI 168cm Face 3 In Stock Fast Delivery


Yes, you can order this Sex Robot with Artificial Intelligence from Cloud Climax® Right Now and have her delivered the next day!!!

Free Airbox Flight Case included.

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This Sex Robot with Artificial Intelligence capabilities is now available with fast shipping from Cloud Climax®.

Sex Robot with Artificial Intelligence Specification

Her measurements are: –

  • Height – 168cm
  • Body only Height – 150cm
  • Upper Bust – 78cm
  • Under Bust – 61cm
  • Waist – 58cm
  • Hips – 88cm
  • Shoulder Width – 40cm
  • Arm Length – 66cm
  • Palm – 16cm
  • Leg Length – 96cm
  • Inner Leg – 77cm
  • Foot Length – 31cm
  • Vagina Depth – 17cm
  • Anal Depth – 14cm
  • Weight – 41kg

Sex Robot Specification

CPU: S5P6818 Dynamic Running Frequency 400MHz ~ 1.4GHz


Internet Port: Gigabit Ethernet Port (RTL8211E)

WIFI: 802.11b/g/n

Antenna: WIFI & Bluetooth Sharing, Onboard Ceramic Antenna with IPX Port

Microphone: 3.5mm Audio Input

O/S Software: Android 5.1

Robotic Head

LCD Screen: 4.3 inch screen for settings

Motors: Motors for eyelids, eyeballs, lips, neck movements

Audio Intelligence: Free chatting in English or Chinese

Commands: You can request her to sing, stop, have a rest, language shift and more.

Battery: Built In 6800MAH Polymer Battery

Head Charging: 12.6V 500MA

Realistic Body

Material: M-TPE which has 5 to 10 times longer lifetime compared to other TPE’s

Skeleton: Fully Articulated movable metal skeleton

Sex: Vaginal, Anal, or Breast Sex Functions are available

Heating: Yes

Sensors for Moaning: Yes

Vaginal Depth: 18cm

Anal Depth: 16cm

Sex Robot Video

Robot Information

The Artificial Intelligence within Emma the Sex Robot means that she can speak to you in English or Chinese and you can have a fully interactive conversation. The more you talk and interact the more she learns. The Artificial Intelligence means you can speak and converse with the Robot and build a relationship. Her mouth moves as she speaks and she has many facial expressions that she uses during conversations.

The Robotic parts are concealed within the head, safely within the plastic moulded cavity for protection. The neck is able to move left to right at the neck.

The heating feature means the body of the robot reaches regular body temperature, ideal for cuddling.

The M-TPE is body safe medical grade and has a real feel skin which is closest to real human skin.

Free Airbox Flight Case included with every order. See examples below.

Sex Robot Features

  • Self developed intelligence voice system, she will become more and more smart with the updating automatically day by day.
  • She will not only talk with you freely, but also knows lots of things such as geography, arithmetic, she tells jokes and stories etc anytime.
  • Supports Chinese and English with translation and you can learn Chinese anytime or English.
  • Wake her up anytime by just calling her name, she will be your best companion with talking and sex function.

Cloud Climax® is a Sex Doll and Sex Robot Specialist. We have a UK robot maintenance centre.

Body Height

Sex Robot with AI 168cm Face 3 In Stock Fast Delivery


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