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Sex Dolls at The UK LoveDoll Specialist

Sex Dolls at The UK LoveDoll Specialist

The Sex Doll is now getting to be more and more acceptable in modern times. This elaborate type of masturbation sex toy is in the size and shape of a real life adult and is anatomically correct in order to aid sexual enjoyment.

high-end Sex Doll will be made of Silicone, which has now been developed from Tin-based Silicone to Platinum based silicone for a much more realistic sex doll. Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) is also being used to manufacture sexdolls and has greatly increased in popularity due to its lower price.

The material development of sex dolls does not stop there. Whilst the likes of SM DollIrontech DollJY Doll are all manufacturing TPE Sex Dolls and DS Doll are predominantly known for their Silicone Sex DollsDS have created a lightweight sex doll made from Polyurethane Foam. This PU Foam Love Doll, is lightweight at 8kg and at 163cm height is the lowest weight quality doll in the market. The EX Lite, as it is known is also kind on your pursestrings at only £579.99.

Most High Quality Sex Dolls range in price from £999 to £3495. Our JY Dolls are starting at only £999, Our mid range SM Dolls start at £1249. Irontech Dolls are our Premium range of TPE dolls and start at £1449.

Our Silicone range of Dolls by DS Dolls (Also known as EX Doll) start at £2795 and the Premium Silicone Doll the DS Doll Evolution range start at £3295. We have Emma the Robot who is £2999 complete with AI reality live chat functionality.

There are numerous choices and bespoke options with all of our Adult Dolls for sale, but we also have a range of preconfigured dolls in stock that can be shipped for next day UK Delivery.

An Anatomically Correct LoveDoll can consist of an entire body and head, or a partial body which people find to be easier for storage. Sex dolls exist in many forms and the product range is now vast with many new dolls, doll faces and doll bodies being released by manufacturers each month. SM Doll manufacture a torso at 15kg.

Most Real Love Dolls have hyper realistic genitalia, a Vagina or Penis, an Anus and a Mouth that can be used for sexual stimulation. The materials used in the manufacture of the dolls we sell at Cloud Climax means that you have a very real experience. A life like sex doll made from TPE or Silicone is generally from 26kg to 55kg dependant upon the shape, style, material and body.

TPE or Silicone is used for the skin of the doll and there is a metallic skeleton which is the metal equivalent of a human skeleton and can make all the same movements. We also offer Doll Torso only options which are a more manageable weight at 15kg and are preferable for many as they are very easy to store.

Some of the first adult size sex dolls were invented by sailors in the seventeenth century when they were on long voyages. They were made from cloth or old clothing. The dutch, who invented these masturbation dolls, sold them to Japanese who called them Dutch Wives. This name is sometimes still used today, especially in Japan.

Many people do not only choose a sex doll for their sexual enjoyment, but also as a companion or for photographic purposes as they are so photogenic.

We have Male Sex Dolls, Female Love Dolls, Transgender Sex Dolls and inflatable Sex Dolls. We now are the first Love Doll shop to be selling sex robots with Artificial Intelligence integrated. Emma the AI Sexbot is at Cloud Climax now and is ready to ship.

We also offer a bespoke doll service where you can design your own doll. We were the first doll specialist to offer this service and you can go from just choosing a few extra options and details to designing your own doll from head to toe.

Cloud Climax have been in the Sex Doll industry since 2014, so if you want to buy a Sex Doll made from TPE or Silicone in the UK you are definitely coming to the right place. Our Customer Service is second to none and our highly skilled and trained staff are ready to help you choose the right Sex Doll for you; whether that be big breasted, wide hips, huge penis or shapely booty. We have definitely got the right doll for you and we are available on live chat, email and telephone to help you choose. We are highly skilled and no question is a stupid question. Cloud Climax want you to be happy with your purchase and we can help you all the way through the buying process. We offer after sales and care too. Our emails are constantly monitored by trained doll staff so somebody is always available to help you and reply in good time to your enquiry. We want you as a Cloud Climax customer for life!

All of our Dolls are 100% Legal. We only import dolls that are allowable in the UK and Europe.

Lifelike Sex Dolls are known of their unbelievable bodies and extremely detailed design. These dolls will leave you with a sexual experience you never have experienced.

If you want to experience and explore your pleasures and your most sensual desires in a way you have never done before then we suggest you consider a sex doll. Sex dolls allow you to recreate and live out your deepest, darkest, kinkiest, most adventurous desires in the safest possible way. They are also the ideal companion and they can be anyone you want them to be. The knowledge of having someone with you even when you do not necessarily talk to them is comforting to many people.

They can make for great listeners too. You never have to worry about talking to someone who is disinterested in what you have to say making you feel like a burden or getting constantly interrupted when you are trying so hard to explain yourself. These TPE and Silicone sex dolls do not have the capacity to bear any judgment thus your can comfortably and freely bear your heart and soul out to them and receive no criticism or judgment.

You can see some of our available dolls below or please click through into our store so you can see our full range. We have over 400 dolls available to choose from, the largest range in the UK. Our collection of dolls is ever expanding as new products and improved products enter the market. We always keep up to date and we are always the first sex doll reseller to have the newest and most up and coming products available whether it is a sex doll or a sex toy.

All of our dolls come with the following: Sexy clothing, wig, Vagina cleaning device, USB heating stick and authenticity card or manual. We only sell 100% genuine dolls from the best adult doll brands. Brands which Cloud Climax believe in.

Our order process is simple. Your order your doll online or over the telephone with one of our trained advisors. You will receive an email confirmation of your order and a follow up email to give you an estimation of when we expect you to receive your doll. You will get images from the factory of your doll and we will then ship into our warehouse using our own Cloud Climax Shipping methods. We’re pretty FAST! You will then receive warehouse images of your doll and we can arrange shipping to you at your convenience.

Here at Cloud Climax our aim is to help doll buyers find the best sex doll for their needs. With fair love doll prices and from a trust-worthy source.  We’re based in London with our manufacturers facilities located in Shenzhen, Dalian, Guangdong and Dongguan.  All of our real silicone sex dolls are shipped discreetly and well protected in unmarked cardboard boxes, with additional protection and anonymous labelling.

We don’t do trust site reviews and we don’t ask our customers for reviews either… But if you would like to see our credentials you can look us up on Doll Forum or UK Love Doll Forum where we are listed as established members and trustworthy vendors.

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