PayL8r at Cloud climax

Cloud Climax Payment Plan, Finance & Credit Options

Payment Plans, Finance and Credit are available now so as you can pay Buy Now and Pay Later.

Cloud Climax have various available options to our customers to ensure you can get your sex doll, sex machine or sex toy now.


Don’t want to pay up front for your Sex Doll or Sex Machine? Payment options on all our Products when you spend over £50.

With PayL8r you can spread the cost over 12 months with small deposits and immediate decisions for the majority of applications. Add your products to checkout and apply now by choosing PayL8r at checkout at, The Adult Store with Payment options available.

PayL8r at Cloud climax

Buy Now Pay Later on Sex Dolls and Sex toys at Cloud Climax

 You will need to have a UK address in order to apply for Finance. Please Note that Cloud Enterprises is an Introducer and that we gain no access to any of your financial information. Your application through the portal is confidential. We are notified upon your successful application. Once accepted you will be able to place your order with us in the usual manner.

Cloud Enterprises FCA Registration Number FRN 794364


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Sounds good! How do I get started?
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Cloud Climax are now also an Approved Retailer for ShockSpot Machines within the UK and EU.

Payment Plans

Exclusive to Cloud Climax is the ability to pay for your item in instalments.

We know that a doll or a machine is an investment and that sometimes it is hard to find the money all in one go. This is why we are going to offer a layaway payment plan.

When you sign up you are given a unique reference number which you can use to make payments against your account. You must make a down payment of £250.00 or 10% of your proposed order value.  We will provide you with an initial invoice and order confirmation. You can change your doll order at anytime as your order will not be deemed as final until your balance has been paid in full. You can add items to your order or take away items at any time with no penalty. You can swap and change your mind as your order is not finalised until your balance is paid in full.

You must pay your balance before the expiry of 8 calendar months from the date you make your first payment. We will notify you of the date you need to pay by when you sign up.

You can pay what you want, whenever you want with the PayPal payment details that we provide.

If you apply to PayPal for any payments to be returned/refunded, in doing this you will be cancelling the agreement and we will refund your payments less 25% of all payments you have made or less your initial payment, whichever is higher.

If it gets to the end of your agreement and you have not paid in full, we will contact you in order to pay the balance. If you are not  able to pay the remaining balance at this time we will refund your payments less 25% of all payments you have made or less your initial payment, whichever is higher.  This will be retained to cover our administration.

You are able to pay the balance in full at any time.

All payments that are made to us are recorded and acknowledged and a new current balance will be sent to you.

The beauty of layaway is you can pay what you want when you want. We do not set up any formal payment plan. You are fully in control of the amount you pay and when.

Your agreement can be cancelled at any time and we will refund your payments less 25% or less your initial payment, whichever is the higher amount. This will be retained to cover our administration.

When your balance is paid in full, your order will be finalised and processed.

DOLLS – At the time your final payment is made your order will be processed and will be delivered in 5-6 weeks due to the dolls being made bespoke and to order. We hope orders will normally be facilitated within 4 weeks.

SHOCKSPOT – At the time your final payment is made your order will be processed and will be delivered within 7 days as per our normal order time. ShockSpot Dual will be up to 12 days as they are made to order.

If you wish to take advantage of the layaway payment scheme or talk to us about your account please contact us.

UK Official Approved DS Doll Reseller

ShockSpot Approved Retailer for UK and EU

We also accept PayPal Credit!

PayPal credit is accepted at Cloud Climax PayPal credit is accepted at Cloud ClimaxPayPal credit is accepted at Cloud ClimaxPayPal credit is accepted at Cloud ClimaxPayPal credit is accepted at Cloud ClimaxPayPal credit is accepted at Cloud Climax

Click above to apply.  PayPal credit is accepted on any Cloud Climax Order if approved by PayPal.

PayPal and Cloud Climax are in no way affiliated and we do not receive any royalties or payments from PayPal for credit plan referrals.