Vinyl Sex Dolls & Blow Up Dolls

Vinyl sex dolls are a great way to experience a sex doll on a smaller budget. Choose from fully inflatable sex dolls or from those with moulded head, hands and feet. For those with a bigger budget choose from a fully moulded doll in a fixed position. All dolls are made from body safe, easy to clean vinyl and come with three penetration holes. Looking for a more stimulating sex doll? Choose a vinyl sex doll that includes a vibrator to increase the intensity of the experience.

Blow-Up Doll

Blow Up Sex Dolls are good as a gag gift, but we also stock a good range of high quality Blow-Up Dolls, for those who want to try a sex doll for the first time or have a smaller budget. These have silicone or TPE vaginas and anal holes for a more realistic sex experience.