Sex Doll FAQ

Sex Doll FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a Sex Doll?

A sex doll is the most elaborate sex toy that you can buy. A realistic luxury sex doll is moulded from TPE or Silicone and is a life size effigy of a real person. You can also buy gimmick blow up dolls that are a gag gift and very many in between these two most popular types. A sex doll is a replica of a true sized human person, although sheep and goats have also been produced now or in the past.

How do you use a sex doll?

You can use a sex doll in many ways to stimulate yourself for a pleasurable experience. With useable organs that replicate real human bodies, penetration and orgasm can be achieved in the same way you would with another human or sex toy. You should use water-based lubricant to achieve optimum pleasure. WM Doll 162cm E Cup with Head 162

How do you make a sex doll?

Actually making a sex doll is probably something that most people cannot achieve themselves, however that is not to say you cannot design and create your ultimate sex doll. You can bespoke your entire doll to your own description, working in collaboration to mastermind the best doll for you.

What does a Sex Doll look like?

A sex doll comes in all shapes and sizes. All our dolls are 150cm and above and they are curvy, thin, athletic, buxom, toned, muscular. All kinds of body shapes are available. There are so many choices of different faces. We have female, male and transgender dolls. You can usually choose the hairstyle, eye colour and skin colour too. Sex Dolls are life-size human replicas and can take many forms.

What does sex with a sex doll feel like?

Sex Dolls have got realistically made holes and penises so as you can have realistic sex with them. Sex Doll vaginas and Sex Doll Penises in particular are made to be very true to life and are moulded to feel like the real deal. The entire point of a sex doll is to replicate real life sex.

What is the best sex doll?

The best sex doll is going to be a silicone doll. Silicone is a far superior material to TPE, Latex or Vinyl and is also 100% body safe and medical grade. It does make the most realistic and true to life sex dolls. Reality and quality do come at a cost and silicone sex dolls are amongst the most expensive starting at around £2000 for a Sino Doll and £2999 for an EX Doll or DS Doll.

Who invented Sex Dolls?

Sex Dolls can be found throughout history. Sex Dolls were first recorded in history in 8AD when in Greek mythology Pygmalion carved himself an Ivory effigy of a woman. It is also written in history that sailors and soldiers away on duty would use ‘Dames de Voyage’ or ‘Dutch Wives’ made of rubber or stuffed cloth as a sex doll to fulfil their desires and prevent transmission of disease.

Do women use sex dolls?

Women can use sex dolls just as anybody else can too. We have sex dolls of all genders to cater for people of all genders. Male Sex Dolls and Transgender Sex Dolls are becoming more popular and more readily available. We also have many couples who buy their own sex doll to live out their threesome dream.

How can I make a homemade sex doll

To make a homemade sex doll isn’t an easy feat. Unless you have exceptional DIY or sewing skills it may be a struggle and you may end up with a lousy copy of Frankenstein’s monster. There are online tutorials available to show how to take a shop mannequin apart are replace body parts with different kinds of masturbators, dildos, pocket pussies and more. We somehow think that whilst it may be an interesting project, then end result might not be all that you hope for.

Can I get an AI Sex doll that is male?

At the moment we don’t have any male sex dolls with AI, however male dolls have been introduced to the regular sex doll line so we can see male AI sex dolls being introduced in the not too distant future. Real Doll have a male version of Harmony at prototype stage so male AI dolls are not too far away. The Male sex doll range has always been behind the female sex doll range so this is bound to be true for their artificially intelligent counterparts.

How much is a Male Sex Doll?

We have two types of Male Sex Doll, TPE and Silicone. Silicone is always much more expensive than TPE, even as raw materials so silicone dolls will also be much more expensive. We have the largest range of male sex dolls available now and prices start from £1299 to £3495.

How realistic are sex dolls?

The whole point of a sex doll is to be realistic. There obviously are very different levels of realism available and more often than not price point does also correspond to the level of realism that you get. Silicone sex dolls are more expensive and they offer a higher level of realism due to the material being more lifelike and being able to be produced into a more realistic product. TPE Dolls are also realistic, much more so than a blow up vinyl or latex sex doll. TPE dolls are cheaper and the material is more elastic making up for slightly less reality yet allowing for softness and durability. Sex Doll manufacturers are not just masters of engineering… they also have to perfect make-up techniques, moulding techniques, producing metal skeletons and designing dolls. 

How are sex dolls made?

Sex Dolls are manufactured by encasing a metal skeleton in a fibreglass mould and surrounding it by materials that are made to emulate human physiology. Most manufacturers use a type of foam surrounding the skeleton which is the “muscle layer”. This is then coated with TPE or Silicone to make the external skin layer within the doll shaped fibreglass mould. Once out of the mould the edges are clipped manually to ensure the finish of the doll. Make-up is then applied to the doll by the cosmeticians to give the doll her beautiful finish.

How can you hide a sex doll?

There are a few creative ways to hide a sex doll: –

1. Hung in your wardrobe with a hook
2. Hidden locked in a sex doll airbox or Sex Doll Sofabox
3. Under your bed or inside an ottoman lift bed
4. In the original delivery box
5. Locked in another room of your house

How good are sex dolls?

“You get what you pay for” or so they say and this rings true for Sex Dolls too. You can pay £12.99 and get a blow up doll or you can pay thousands for the real doll of your dreams. They will give you a virtual reality sex doll experience, a doll is supposed to be as real as you can get to having sex with a person without actually having sex with a person. The level of realism is supposed to emulate humans.

How Much does a sex doll cost?

A good quality TPE doll will cost around £1500 and a Silicone Doll will cost anything from £2100 to £7000. We sell cheaper dolls at around £1200 from JY Doll which are real value for money and make a good first sex doll. We have offers on all year round and we have other cheaper options, like sex doll torsos which can be from £100 and up to see if you like the sex doll experience.

Where can I buy a sex doll?

Cloud Climax is one of the few adult retail stores where you can buy a realistic sex doll. We have our own UK Doll warehouse where all orders are imported to and despatched from. We do not ever dropship orders direct to customers from China. This means we can deliver to you on a day that is convenient for you and we check the condition of your doll before we send it out. This gives you discretion and high quality assurance. We have a price match guarantee and offers throughout the year.

How soon can I get my sex doll?

Sex Dolls take anywhere from 4 days to 8 weeks to manufacture, dependant upon the type of doll, the materials used, the bespoke options ordered and the manufacturer you have chosen. We all know that waiting sucks, so we have a wide range of dolls that are already in the UK, waiting to go to their new owners. You can see our Fast Delivery Next day Sex Dolls here.

Can I get an AI Sex Doll?

We do have AI powered sex dolls at Cloud Climax, we have Emma the Robot by AI AiTech. The head of the sex doll has AI incorporated, she can blink, make facial movements and turn her head. We have AI Sex Dolls and AI Sex Robots in stock now.

Are Sex Dolls Legal?

All the sex dolls that you see on the Cloud Climax website are 100% legal. We are importation experts and we are an ethical business. We only import dolls that we deem to be acceptable. We also import all of our dolls with our business name and not in the name of the customer, which provides protections to you not given by other retailers or resellers who drop ship dolls. We follow every law and legislative guideline to ensure we operate within the law, both in the UK and Europe.

Can sex dolls move?

At the moment the majority of sex dolls cannot move by themselves and you will need to lift them and manoeuvre them into different positions. Our TPE and Silicone Sex Dolls are fully articulated with metal skeletons that replicate real human movement and poses. You can switch the doll into different positions easily for your enjoyment and pleasure.

Can I watch Sex Doll Porn?

Sex Doll porn is becoming more and more readily available. Cloud Climax has collaborated with porn stars to create adult videos including dolls and we have had real success with porn stars such as Sasha De Sade. You can now find sex doll porn videos on many sites including both professional and amateur porn.

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