Sex Doll

The Sex Doll is now getting to be more and more acceptable in modern times. This elaborate type of masturbation toy is in the size and shape of a real life adult and is anatomically correct in order to aid sexual enjoyment.

A high-end Sex Doll will be made of Silicone, which has now been developed from Tin-based Silicone to Platinum based silicone for a much more realistic feeling sex doll. Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) is also being used to manufacture sex dolls and has greatly increased in popularity due to its lower price. The material development of sex dolls does not stop there. Whilst the likes of SM Doll, Irontech Doll, JY Doll are all manufacturing TPE Sex Dolls and DS Doll are predominantly known for their Silicone Sex Dolls, DS have created a lightweight sex doll made from Polyurethane Foam. This PU Foam Love Doll, is lightweight at 8kg and at 163cm height is the lowest weight quality doll in the market. The EX Lite, as it is known is also kind on your pursestrings at only £579.99.

Most High Quality Sex Dolls range in price from £999 to £3495. Our JY Dolls are starting at only £999, Our mid range SM Dolls start at £1449. Irontech Dolls are our Premium range of TPE dolls and start at £1449. Our Silicone range of Dolls by DS Dolls (Also known as EX Doll) start at £2795 and the Premium Silicone Doll the DS Doll Evolution range start at £3295.

There are numerous choices and bespoke options with all of our Sex Dolls for sale, but we also have a range of preconfigured dolls in stock that can be shipped for next day UK Delivery.

An Anatomically Correct Doll can consist of an entire body and head, or a partial body which people find to be easier for storage. Sex dolls exist in many forms and the product range is now vast with many new dolls, doll faces and doll bodies being released by manufacturers each month. SM Doll manufacture a torso at 15kg.

Most Sex Dolls have realistic genitalia, a Vagina or Penis, an Anus and a Mouth that can be used for sexual stimulation. The materials used in the manufacture of the dolls we sell at Cloud Climax means that you have a very real experience.

Some of the first sex dolls were invented by sailors in the seventeenth century when they were on long voyages. They were made from cloth or old clothing. The dutch, who invented these masturbation dolls, sold them to Japanese who called them Dutch Wives. This name is sometimes still used today, especially in Japan.

A sexdoll made from TPE or Silicone is roughly half the weight of a human of comparable size.

Many people do not only choose a sex doll for their sexual enjoyment, but also as a companion or for photographic purposes as they are so photogenic.

Sex Dolls at Cloud Climax