Gynoid Synthetics Sex Dolls

Gynoid Synthetics Sex Dolls

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Gynoid Synthetics Sex Dolls

Gynoid Synthetics Humanoid are a luxury manufacturer of Silicone Sex Dolls based in Dongguan, China. They specialise in ultra realism human simulation art collectibles, high-end mannequins, super realistic solid silicone dolls and artificial intelligent robot girlfriends.

A combination of the traditional art of sculpting and 3D digital modelling and hand painting, taking care of each and every detail of our products.

These ultra Realistic Sex Dolls are made from food-grade platinum silicone, alloy plus engineering plastic bones. Gynoid have achieved full-body joint mobility to realistic ranges, including the full articulation of finger joints (no wires).

Every doll by Gynoid Synthetic Humanoid has the ability to stand and does not have screws or pins protruding from the feet. This is a brand new technology to Sex Dolls.

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