Why we don’t dropship dolls like other doll retailers…

Why we don't dropship dolls like other retailers...

Why we don’t dropship dolls like other doll retailers…

At Cloud Climax we DO NOT Dropship any of our sex dolls. We have a UK Based warehouse where we receive in all our customer orders, quality check them and then despatch to our customers.

We also use this warehouse to keep our stock of Fast Delivery dolls all ready to go to their new owners on Same Day and Next Day Shipping Services.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is where you order a product from a vendor or reseller, they then order the products from the manufacturer, pay the wholesale price, give your details to the manufacturer and get the manufacturer to send it to you directly once it is ready.

Most vendors do not tell you that they do this. It is their little secret.

They make profit from you without even touching your product.

Why is doll dropshipping bad?

At Cloud Climax® we consider dropshipping a doll to be very bad form. We have a UK warehouse where we import all of our dolls to in order that we can check them before they go to our customers. There are many reasons why we do this.

  1. We can control the quality of the doll that each of our customers receive. We have a highly comprehensive point system that we use for each and every doll to check the level of quality is up to our exacting standards. We do not ship out faulty dolls.
  2. Your doll may arrive faulty. If a doll is dropshipped by a retailer and it arrives to you with a problem then you have a big box full of faulty doll to deal with yourself. We never put our customers through that because a faulty doll is always flagged in our UK Doll Warehouse prior to getting anywhere near a customer.
  3. Your name and address is on the label and customs paperwork. With dropshipping, if the customs and duty paperwork is not removed by the carrier during transit, then the courier will turn up at your door with a box that has paperwork on it saying silicone doll, TPE Doll, mannequin, you name it. Pretty embarrassing for some people! We make sure that our dolls are shipped into our warehouse and therefore our customers will not have paperwork left on the box.
  4. The doll may be the wrong one sent out. You could be sent the wrong doll by the manufacturer if the retailer does a dropship on you and the retailer would never know until it turns up at your door. Or it could be an illegally sized doll that has been imported IN YOUR NAME with no reference to the retailer on the box AT ALL.  This means that you would be held responsible. Not the retailer. YOU! We do not do this. Cloud Climax owners and staff take this hefty responsibility away from our customers.
  5. Damage in transit. If your doll is damaged during the long journey from China then we deal with it on your behalf. We do not just have it dumped on your doorstep and run, whistling to the sky, pretending we know nothing.
  6. Box Damage in Transit. If the box is damaged in transit then you may be able to see what is inside! Embarrassing for you, but not for us!
    Dropship box with damage
    This box arrived into the Cloud Climax Warehouse more or less in half. We’ve taped it up to move it around the warehouse safely to be reboxed. There was an arm hanging out when it arrived. No Lie! Do you want this for yourself?


  7. Your doll is delivered… whenever. Dropshipping does not allow for customers, who are paying good money for a service, to pick when they want their doll delivered. You may not even be in! At Cloud Climax we liaise with all customers to ensure that their doll is sent to them on a suitable day, at a suitable time and on a day where they are available to take the delivery. We make sure that the delivery you receive from us is second to none.
  8. Insurance in Transit. Who knows what kind of insurance is on any of these dropshipped dolls! At Cloud Climax we have a full Marine shipping insurance cover which covers all our shipping for all types of transit in all circumstances. We don’t allow our customers to be put at risk.
  9. Packaging. All dolls are repackaged at the Cloud Climax warehouse to ensure that they arrive to our customers in great condition.

Why do other resellers do dropshipping if it is so bad?

Other retailers either do not have the financial backing to have their own warehouse with staff, or do not have the business acumen and knowledge to know not to put their customers at risk by making the bad decision to dropship to customers who are reliant upon their chosen retailer to make good decisions on their behalf.

Yes, at Cloud Climax® we are bigger, but we are not so big that we do not give one to one customer service and treat each customer with the same personalised and individualistic approach that we always have done since we started selling sex dolls 7 years ago.

Why does Cloud Climax NOT Dropship?


  • We do not dropship dolls because we want to make the best decisions for our customers.
  • We will not put our customers at risk.
  • We do not want our customers to receive orders that we have not personally checked
  • We do not want our customers to be put at risk legally with incorrect dolls being received.
  • We do not want to put our customers at risk of embarrassment by paperwork being on the box or the box being opened or damaged on its way.
  • We want to be the best we can be and dropshipping would not be doing our best.
  • We want each and every customer to be happy and with our level of service and attention to detail we guarantee that you will be.

SM Doll Head with Authenticity StampAuthentic Genuine Products

Each manufacturer has their own special way of packaging and supplying the end consumer with assurance of authenticity. We at Cloud Climax see so many images of dolls from unhappy customers let down by obviously fake products and sub standard quality being mimicked by manufacturers pretending to sell and promote genuine authentic love dolls.

An example, one manufacturer adds a seal of authenticity stamp to their doll heads. Some have other methods to provide authenticity. So how do you know? ALWAYS purchase through a trusted and verified reseller.

Free Shipping

Free shipping should be a trigger for telling you that the company is dropshipping their products directly to you from the manufacturer in China. “The best things in life are free” as the song goes, is not true when it comes to buying a sex doll and certainly when it comes to shipping. It is a marketing guise by the company to lure you in, but also it generally means that they dropship their orders and do not have a UK Warehouse like we do at Cloud Climax.

Is the Price too good to be true?

If the price looks too good to be true, it’s likely that it is either a fake doll or it is being drop-shipped to you and not handled at all by the so called UK company. Beware that some companies that are dropshipping dolls are not even UK based nor have any UK premises.

With Cloud Climax® We guarantee that your doll will be delivered into our UK warehouse, checked by one of our many trained doll specialists, repackaged and shipped to you on a day that it suitable for you.

Manufacturer RelationshipsManufacturer Relationships

At Cloud Climax we have direct relationships with the biggest and most well known Sex Doll manufacturers in the world. We do not deal with any third parties and we are the biggest importer of sex dolls in the UK.

We have personal relationships with employees at these manufacturing plants as well as business relationships. We work hard for all factories so as all factories work hard for us in return. By building these relationships of trust, with brand publicity and bulk order commitment, it allows us to give our customers the best service available.


We are getting a lot of questions about Brexit and we are now able to let you know that we are and have been (prior to the March 2019 deadline) ready for Brexit. We do not ship any of our dolls into the UK via Europe.

UK Flag with Anime Dancer

Be very wary of who you trust with your sex doll order. Cloud Climax® is a logistics specialist dealing with the importation and exportation of sex dolls since 2013.

Please contact us if you have any questions at all. We have 24/7 Customer Service access by email for all customers.