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Gynoid Tech are a manufacturer of Silicone Sex Dolls. However, describing them as a manufacturer is quite industrial in comparison to what they actually do. They are a company that focus upon the research and development of hyper realistic humanlike art collectibles, high-end mannequins, super realistic solid silicone dolls and artificial intelligent robot girlfriends.

They use a combination of both digital and by-hand body sculpting and an integration of both creates their Real Doll product range. They combine 3d digital modelling with the traditional art of sculpting.

They use food-grade platinum silicone and specially engineered metal alloy and plastic bones. Keeping the ergonomic and realistic features in mind Gynoid Silcone Dolls have created their products in order to achieve full joint ranges comparable to a real human skeleton. All dolls have full articulation of the hands and finger bones, not a wire in sight!

Gynoid Silicone HandsUltra Realism Doll manufacturing techniques have been used to make features of the skin flawlessly real looking and the silicone smoothness adds to the effect. There are blue veins painted, with moles and freckles adding to the true to life experience of owning a Gynoid Tech Doll.




Artificial Human 3 and Artificial Human 4 are from the Art Collectibles collection which have been manufactured with space in mind. Both of these Silicone Sex Dolls are the flagships of the range and they have removable limbs. This means that both the arms and legs come off once you have used the included Allen Key to loosen them so as you can move the doll around easily and store her away when not in use or for safekeeping. She arrives in her own airbox which you can reuse for storage.

Both Artificial Human 3 and Artificial Human 4 have a fixed head with no seam on the neck. This really does add to the reality of the doll sculpture. You can see in this image of Artificial Human 4 how flawless a look this gives to the neck and how amazing this could be for photography.

Gynoid Tech Doll with Fixed Head

The Gynoid Tech Artificial Companion range is more of a classic silicone sex doll collection, however they do have removable arms, which is a real bonus for dressing and manoeuvrability of the silicone doll.

These dolls to not come packed in an airbox, however we do have airboxes and flight cases available to purchase separately.

These doll have the option to choose to have a fixed or removable vagina and also you can choose the depth of the vagina too, 10cm, 13cm, 15cm or 18cm. You can opt to have the skeleton Loose, standard or Stiff dependant upon your personal preference.

Every doll by Gynoid Synthetic Humanoid has the ability to stand and does not have screws or pins protruding from the feet. This is a brand new technology to Sex Dolls.

View the Gynoid Tech Skeleton and the moulds

This is the mould for the Art Collection dolls by Gynoid. The Arms and legs are completely separate in order that they can be removed.

Gynoid Tech Skeleton and Moulds

Here is an example of the Silicone Foam that is used inside the dolls. They choose to use silicone foam rather than PU Foam or Sponge foam, despite the cost being higher and the process being more complicated because: –

1. It can reduce the weight of the product, and the weight can be reduced by about 20% compared with the whole silicone being used.
2. Can make the product softer.
3. It can increase the tensile force of the silicone layer and prevent the metal skeleton from directly contacting the surface silicone, so that the silicone is not easily damaged.
4. In addition to the skeleton, all of the raw material is all silica gel, to avoid other impurities and prevent damage to the human body. TPE is a recyclable material and is recycled TPE or PU is used it can be impure and contain additive. We do not want this with our dolls. We used 100% silicone and Silicone foam because it is 100% virgin materials. This makes it 100% body safe.
5. In terms of material cost and processing cost, this choice is more expensive, but we do not want to give up the original intention of making the best quality and most desirable beautiful dolls in order to save costs.

This image shows the silicone foam on the left vs a lesser quality foam on the right. You can see the difference in density giving a softer product.

Gynoid Tech Skeleton and Moulds

Gynoid Tech Skeleton and Moulds

These are the moulds used for both the Gynoid Tech doll collections.

Gynoid Tech Skeleton and Moulds

Please see the hand skeleton used in the gynoid tech arms. These bones are far superior to wires and give a very realistic movement range of the wrists and fingers.

Gynoid Tech Skeleton and Moulds

This is the model of the Art Collection dolls. The limbs are removable and the head and torso is all one moulded piece to eliminate neck lines.

Gynoid Tech Skeleton and Moulds

This is the Gynoid Synthetics model from the Artificial companion collection. The arms are removable which is ideal for dressing the doll easily. The head is also removable which means that some can be interchanged.

Gynoid Tech Skeleton and Moulds

With all the range of dolls you can choose grey or tan eyes and you cap opt to have pubic hair or not.

Each doll has their own persona and details which you can see on each product page within the Cloud Climax Store.

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