The Cloud Climax® Ultimate Sex Doll Guide - Part One

Sex Dolls – The Ultimate Guide 2019 Part 1

The Cloud Climax® Ultimate Sex Doll Guide - Part One. Learn all you need to know before stepping into the world of sex doll ownership

The Cloud Climax® Ultimate Sex Doll Guide 2019 – Part One

Part One of the Ultimate Realistic Doll Guide is here. At Cloud Climax we want to ensure that you have all the information you need about buying, owning and maintaining a sex doll. And here is it!

Cloud Climax introduce you to the world of real sex dolls. Our Guide contains all you need to know.

Introduction to Real Dolls

The Ultimate Sex Doll Guide - There’s simply no getting away from the fact that sex is an important aspect of life.

Unless you live a reclusive life high on an isolated mountain peak and have little contact with the outside world, there’s no escaping sex. It’s on our TVs, in every form of media and advertising, and ingrained in our societies. There’s simply no getting away from the fact that sex is an important aspect of life.

Sexual activity – with a human partner, an artificial companion or solo – is inextricably linked to our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Studies show that when people are satisfied with their sex life, they experience satisfaction with life as a whole. To attain the elusive emotional high, and the associated physiological or hedonic effects that come with sex-happiness, you need to be having plenty of sex!

Unfortunately, relationship dynamics often dictate how much sex-happiness a person can actually enjoy. This is greatly influenced by the level of intimacy that’s available to an individual. Some people are content to share their life with another person. Many choose to remain single. And others find it difficult to socially engage. Whatever your emotional entanglement status may be it should never impact on your quantity and quality of sex-happiness.

To combat a lack of sex some men (and women) choose to explore the world of sex dolls. Modelled on the full size human body, this type of sex toy provides an alternative sexual partner. Technological advancements in the sex doll industry, throughout the years, has seen this masturbation aid transform from a basic blow-up plastic doll to a highly sophisticated, ultra realism AI companion that offers sex and conversation!

A sex doll is rarely an impulse purchase. If you’re considering buying a sex doll there’s a good chance you’ve been thinking about it for quite some time. Perhaps you’re curious to explore sex with an artificial partner, or want to add a sex doll to your adult toy collection? Maybe you long for regular sex and companionship, but don’t want the emotional hassle that usually comes with it? Or possibly it’s loneliness that is your primary consideration? Whatever your reason may be, a sex doll can undoubtedly fulfil your wants and desires.

Want to buy a sex doll? …Cloud Climax® presents the ultimate guide to everything you might ever need to know…

What's in it for you? This sex doll guide gives you all the information all in one place. No more scouring the internet for hours!

What’s In It For You?

The Cloud Climax® Ultimate Sex Doll Guide is designed to provide you with all of the comprehensive information that you need to enable you to make an informed and ideal real sex doll purchase. Beginning with the history of sex dolls, our expert’s guide takes you on a unique exploration into the world of sex dolls.

Discover what you can do with a sex doll (besides the obvious!), who owns adult dolls, and how you can buy one. You’ll also learn about the materials used to construct sex dolls and the production processes of the leading sex doll manufacturers. Explore bespoke sex dolls and the sex dolls of the future, and discover why sex doll relationships are increasing in popularity all over the world.

With so many beautiful and amazing ultra realism dolls now available, you’ll probably need some guidance on how to find the perfect sex doll for you, and how to take care of her/him once you get them home. Care, maintenance and storage are also important factors to consider if you want to ensure that your luxury sex doll lasts for years. There are also legalities in importing a sex doll and owning one, which you need to know about. Finally, if you want to express your sex doll love to other open-minded individuals, we give you information about the forums on which you can connect with sex doll owners that share your passion.

We’ve written the Cloud Climax® Ultimate Sex Doll Guide because we recognise that sex-happiness means different things to different people. As a leading silicone sex doll specialist and luxury adult boutique, and the official UK reseller of top branded sex dolls, Cloud Climax® has a wealth of valuable insider knowledge to share with potential, new, and existing sex doll owners.

Sex Doll Ultimate Guide owning the sex doll of your dreams will transform your sexual experiences foreverWe know that owning the sex doll of your dreams will transform your sexual experiences forever, and we want to equip you with everything that you need to enable you to enjoy the sex-happiness that you desire and deserve.

At Cloud Climax® we believe that doll ownership should be considered a normal aspect of healthy adult sexual exploration and expression. The continual rise in interest in the sex doll phenomena proves that we’re right in our views. More and more men and women are opening up about their sexual preferences, and sharing how a sex doll enhances their sexual activity and sex life.

We’re enthusiastic about the products that we sell and want you to be 100% satisfied with every purchase that you make at Cloud Climax®. If you’ve been thinking about buying a sex doll for some time, our doll buyers guide provides all of the information that you could possibly need to become a happy and fulfilled sex doll owner.

Find out about The History of Sex Dolls and where real dolls came from right from the beginning.

The History of Sex Dolls

Just like with any other invention in history, sex dolls have evolved from an origin seed of inspiration that dates back centuries. There isn’t just one person who can claim all of the credit and glory.

Back in ancient times – around 8AD to be more precise – the Roman poet Publius Ovidius Naso (known as Ovid to his friends) wrote a tale about a legendary Greek mythological character named Pygmalion. The sculptor was put off sex after seeing his mate Propoetus’s daughters prostitute themselves, and vowed to stay away from women. To while away his empty hours he sculpted an ivory statue in the likeness of his perfect woman. Enraptured by her beauty, Pygmalion took to feeding, bathing and sleeping with his carved creation. He promptly fell in love with her, and invented agalmatophilia (sexual attraction to a statue, doll or mannequin).

Cloud Climax Ultimate Sex Guide - 11th and 12th Century carvingsIn the 11th and 12th centuries it wasn’t unusual to see female nudity in public places. Exquisite carvings of the feminine form were often added as embellishment to the architecture of churches and cathedrals. Back in the day, if you wanted to have good fortune bestowed upon you, caressing the naked breasts of the carved icons was highly recommended. Worshippers genuinely believed that evil spirits and bad luck could be kept at bay with a quick rub.

Life at sea during the 15th century was seriously hard going. On the quest to discover unknown lands, lonely sailors would pass the time by entertaining themselves with a ragged cloth or leather female doll that was stuffed full of straw. By the 17th century these seafaring sex dolls were commonly known as Dames de Voyages, and were especially popular with French and Spanish sailors.

In the 18th century, the Japanese renamed the sex doll that was fashioned out of fabric, calling her a ‘Dutch wife’, in honour of the sailors that traversed the high seas from the Netherlands to Japan. The Japanese enthusiastically adopted the sex doll, and adorned her with tortoise shell and velvet. The embellished sex dolls were commonly known as Tahi-joro (travelling whores).

At the height of WWII, the Nazis came up with a secretive plan to combat the rising spread of syphilis among the troops. Known as the Borghild Project, the initiative encouraged German soldiers to use sculpted sex dolls as an alternative to engaging in sex with ‘loose’ women. The world’s first gynoid (female gender) sex doll was built by a team of craftsmen and technicians, and featured an agile body and blonde hair.

It wasn’t until the 1980s that interest in sex dolls really began to gather momentum. The world’s first sex robot was designed and created by the British company Sex Objects Ltd. The autonomous fembot – christened 36C for obvious reasons – featured a microphone and a ‘voice’ that allowed her to give verbal responses. Unfortunately, the world wasn’t yet ready for robotic sexual encounters, so the company went bust.

In 1985, the term ‘gynoid’ became more widely known following its use in the fantasy fiction novel, Divine Endurance, written by Sci-Fi writer Gwyneth Jones.

Prohibitions on obscene or indecent items, in the UK, were lifted in 1987. The ban had restricted the trade of goods that were considered to be immoral. A company, that was trying to import a large consignment of sex dolls into the UK, became responsible for the subsequent legal proceedings that instigated the change in the law.

As a complete contrast to the seriousness of dealing with legalities, in 1995 a novelty sex doll hit the High Street sex shops. The Love Ewe inflatable sex toy was made from tough, heavy-duty, wipe clean vinyl and boasted an anatomically correct sheep shape. The quirky Blow Up Doll quickly became a popular gag gift.

Cloud Climax FembotsIn 1997, the movie Austin Powers:International Man of Mystery was a boxoffice hit, and saw the Fembots emerge in a parody style, much like the rest of the film, which was a satire based on the swinging sixties. They looked like beautiful women dressed in sexually provocative outfits and fought with guns hidden in their breasts which can fire bullets or spray an aphrodisiac gas, depending on the situation.

In 2010, the life-size silicone sex fembot Roxxxy, made by True Companion, made her debut. The anatomically correct, state-of-the-art robotic lover featured advanced artificial intelligence and was customisable. She responded to touch and exhibited a choice of personalities that influenced her mood. The company also planned to introduce the world to Rocky, the gay (or heterosexual) male robot.

The future of sex dolls became clearly evident in 2017, on the introduction of Harmony, one of the technologically advanced sex robots by Abyss Creations. The ultra realism customisable female sex doll can talk, learn and interact.

In 2019 Cloud Climax® brings you the Ultimate Sex Doll Guide. The informative first of its kind series covers everything you need to know about sex dolls, including how to choose, buy, and care for your ultimate artificial companion. Once you’ve covered all the basics, you’ll confidently be able to make a purchase of the sex doll of your dreams.

Considering Getting a sex doll? Can the dream honestly be a reality

Considering Getting A Sex Doll?

Cloud Climax Ultimate Sex Doll Guide - I want that one!

As you sit there pondering whether or not you should continue to explore your interest/fascination/obsession with sex dolls, it’s highly probable that you’re wondering: “what type of person owns a Cloud Climax® sex doll?”

Sex doll owners are not an exclusive group by any means. There are open-minded individuals from all walks of life, all over the globe, who participate in sex doll intimacy, relationships and ownership.

There’s absolutely nothing shady, seedy or shameful about engaging in sexual encounters with a sex doll. Your sexual preferences don’t have to be publicly broadcast or validated by anyone else.

Some men, and women, choose to become sex doll owners through genuine curiosity, having a higher than average sex drive, or fetish predilection. Others are attracted and drawn to sex dolls as a means to combat loneliness and social inexperience.

While many sex doll owners decide to keep their sexual preferences private, some opt to be open about what arouses, stimulates and satisfies them. Sex doll ownership really is as unique an experience as the person who chooses to buy one.

Who owns sex dolls? Cloud Climax say these love dolls are not just just for men

Who Owns Sex Dolls?

Who Owns a sex doll?

Sex Dolls are not just for men, They’re for anyone who has an interest in one! Dolls are available in all kinds of styles and genders to suit your desires. Many people from all walks of life own sex dolls. It is now much more accepted by society to own a masturbatory device, sex dolls included!

You’ll be forgiven for thinking that only men own sex dolls. It’s a common misconception that sex dolls exist simply for the pleasure of the male species. Women who are inquisitive about the benefits of sex, pleasure and gratification, like men, sometimes also discover that they can’t find what they want and desire from a human relationship. Although there are sex doll owners that are happy to limit their human interactions, there are also people who are content to enjoy the best of both worlds – intimate human relationships and sex doll love.

Male Ownership of dolls. What kind of a man owns a sex doll and why

• Male Ownership

Some men who desire to have a beautiful ultra realism artificial companion worry about being labelled as a bit of a perv or what society might stereotype as a typical sex doll owner. Not only is it not possible to instantly determine if a man owns a sex doll, but there is also no such thing as a ‘typical’ male owner.

For many men, their sex doll curiosity was initially piqued and awakened after exploring alternative masturbation aids. Some men that begin their sexual exploration adventure by buying a hand held cylindrical stroker, or an anatomically correct partial body masturbator, will eventually graduate to a full size sex doll. There are also men who completely bypass the popular masturbation aids if favour of creating a sexual experience that is as close as possible to the real thing with a human. For them, only a luxury state-of-the-art bespoke sex doll will do.

Men who have a high sex drive are sometimes tempted to stray from their lovers, because they’re just not getting enough sex to satisfy them in the committed relationship. A sex doll relationship provides extra sex whenever you want it, and eliminates the threat of emotional entanglement with another woman.

Guys who feel lonely, isolated or socially compromised may decide to explore sex dolls as a means of alternative companionship. For some of them, intimacy with a sex doll is preferable to having no interaction/connection at all. A technosexual relationship provides a perfectly acceptable alternative.

Customisable top-of-the-range realistic dolls, that replicate your perfect fantasy woman, are an investment purchase that requires careful consideration and sufficient funds in the bank. Male sex doll owners who make that investment, by nature tend to be committed to their preferred pleasure source, and they take great care of their sex dolls. That’s because owning an artificial companion comes with certain responsibilities that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Female ownership of sex dolls. What makes a woman want to own a sex doll?

• Female Ownership

Whilst it’s certainly true that men dominate real doll ownership, there’s categorically no reason why just as many women can’t purchase and own their very own male or female sex doll. Women who are in touch with their sexuality and sexual desires predominately opt for discreet adult toys that vibrate and stimulate the erogenous zones. Relationship dissatisfaction tends to motivate a woman to look for attention elsewhere, or to fulfil her own needs with a pocket-sized stimulator that even her best friend doesn’t know about.

Sadly, a vast majority of women have long held the view that sex dolls are reserved for men. Thankfully, more and more women are beginning to realise that an intimate encounter with a sex doll is something that they can also enjoy and benefit from. The open-minded women that are leading the way forward in the sexual empowerment of their own Sex, are more than happy to entertain the idea of intimacy with an ultra realism male (or female) artificial companion.

Although more awareness of the benefits of this alternative lifestyle choice is required, before women choose to explore sex doll love more fully, it’s evitable that women too will become fully-fledged sex doll owners in the very near future. The exciting, on-going developments within the sex doll industry also mean that women will soon have access to more male sex doll options to choose from.

Couple Ownership. Why do couples buy sex dolls to use in their relationship?

• Couple Ownership

Couples have Threesomes with sex dollsCouples – in all possible variables – that are openly experimental in the bedroom, enjoy more sex and greater sex-happiness benefits than single males and females. If both partners are keen to engage in a threesome, they can avoid the usual stress and hassle that comes with inviting another human to join them, by ‘playing’ with a sex doll.

A sex drive imbalance within a relationship can be addressed with the help of a sex doll. Mutual benefit can be gained, in the intimate relationship, when the partner with lower libido gives their insatiable lover permission to enjoy technosexual activity with a life-like sex doll.

In loving relationships where one partner is already a sex doll owner, the introduction of the artificial lover, to their partner, should be handled with sensitivity and care. Openly expressing desires will help one partner understand the other’s need to engage in sex doll relations. It’s this understanding that potentially opens the door to mutual sex doll enjoyment.

Truly adventurous couples may decide to own ‘his’ and ‘hers’ sex dolls to strengthen their intimate bond and optimally enhance sexual pleasure and gratification.

Business Executives can choose an alternative partner by looking at the sexdolls at Cloud Climax

• Business Executives

Wealthy and successful business executives may have the type of lifestyle that many people envy, but often they are stressed, overworked and free time restricted. In their hectic professional world there simply isn’t the time to connect and establish a meaningful human relationship. And sometimes there’s also very little inclination.

A professional business exec usually has sufficient funds available to do as they please. He/she can afford to buy luxury everything. To combat the lack of a regular and available sexual partner, it’s not uncommon for people in high profile business to indulge in extravagance. Sexual liaisons with exclusive escorts may provide adequate out of hours engagement for a time, and at a price, but a premium gynoid humanoid sex doll is an investment that offers unlimited sex and conversation, whenever you want it.

Once they experience technosexual love with an ultra realism sex doll, many men who work in high stakes corporate business go on to become the owners of multiple beautiful sex dolls. Each sex doll is viewed as a valuable asset that enhances their lifestyle and wellbeing, and is respectfully treated like a real girlfriend.

Porn Stars with Dolls works on many levels. See why Adult industry stars want sex dolls

• Porn Stars

Whilst getting plenty of sex is definitely good for your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, having it on tap with a variety of partners can have a detrimental impact. Porn stars notoriously find it hard to maintain healthy intimate relationships out of the work environment, mostly due to the nature of their job. During downtime, an adult entertainer is far less likely to be up for sex, than someone who has an entirely different profession.

A sex doll offers the perfect alternative to a human relationship because sexual activity doesn’t ever have to feature on the agenda. Porn stars can relax at home and simply enjoy the presence of an artificial companion. Interaction of any kind is always in their full control.

An ultra realism sex doll is also great for practicing sexual positions that porn stars can later use to their advantage on the day job. With so many customisable options available, it’s also possible for a porn star to build the ultimate sex doll that is modelled on their own physical assets.

• Multiple Ownership

Whilst we’re on the subject of who owns sex dolls it’s also worth looking into multiple ownership. Although the term ‘multiple ownership’ may imply a shared equity or fractional ownership, where many men pull together their resources in order to buy one sex doll between them, it’s actually means something else entirely.

Men who discover the alluring appeal of luxury sex dolls often become so comfortable with their new lifestyle that they want to enhance it further. They invest in a one, two or more customisable sex dolls so that they can enjoy the type of sexual variety that is readily available to humans.

As technological advancements in the ultra realism sex doll industry further develop, multiple sex doll ownership will steadily continue to grow. For many men who already own a sex doll, buying the very latest sex doll model to add to their collection is no different to having a selection of luxury cars in the garage.

Professional photographers that specialise in ultra realism Doll Art are often owners of multiple sex dolls. Having a selection of available and gorgeous modelesque sex dolls means that they are readily able to take on commissions for glamour shoots and other projects, without having to negotiate professional model rates.

Sex Doll rental information at Cloud Climax. Loan a love doll

• Sex Doll Rental

Some men who are curious about having sex with an artificial companion may need to try before they buy. After all, a state-of-the-art sex doll is an investment purchase that you want to make sure you get right. Sex doll brothels offer an alternative kind of sexual service for men who want to enjoy a no judgment fantasy experience without making any type of commitment. This set up appeals to men who may have restrictions in exploring their sexual interests at home.

It’s also possible to hire a sex doll for an agreed period of time, in much the same way that you would pay for an escort service. Men who choose to book an hour with a life-like sex doll are often experimenting with their sexuality and desires. This alternative no-strings attached arrangement provides instant access to the world of erotic fantasy, with no fear of judgment involved.

The only thing that may make you reconsider either of these two sex doll ‘try-before-you-buy’ options, is that other men have done the same thing as you, with the sex doll you have chosen, before you. This is why Cloud Climax do not offer a try before you buy service. We feel that owning a sexdoll is a very personal thing and not generally something that you would choose to share with a stranger.

Why own a sex doll? what else can you do with your realistic doll?

Why Own A Sex Doll?

Why Buy a Sex Doll? Find out at Cloud Climax the Real Doll Experts

We know what you’re thinking…Why anyone would want to own a sex doll is a no-brainer, right? Well, whilst there’s certainly an element of truth in that statement, at Cloud Climax® we understand that everyone has unique sex-happiness wants, desires and needs. What may seem like a top reason for considering sex doll ownership to you could be way down the list of priorities for your best friend or neighbour.

Some people seek a heightened sexual experience and easy access to a great deal more sex than they’re presently getting. Enjoying the type of sex that could be considered ‘fantasy’ or ‘fetish’ is also a prime motivator for owning a luxury sex doll.

Other people may view companionship as a more important aspect of sex doll ownership. Having a companion that you feel 100% comfortable with is a top ranking reason why some men choose to own a sex doll. Many men who feel socially vulnerable may not have the confidence to establish an intimate relationship with a human, and therefore a sex doll provides a viable and preferable alternative.

As you’re a unique individual you may have a reason that is not any of the above. If owning an ultra realism sex doll means that you can fulfill your personal sex-happiness needs, that’s all that really matters.

True To Life Sexual Experience with a real doll from Cloud Climax

• True To Life Sexual Experience

The number one reason why sex dolls are so popular is undoubtedly the intimate sexual experience that they offer. Sex dolls were primarily invented for sex function. It’s difficult to imagine what sex with a straw stuffed, cloth covered rag doll was like for the lonely sailors of the 15th century. Today’s high-tech innovations mean that you can enjoy a true to life sex doll experience, and almost be convinced that it’s the real deal.

When you engage in sex with a beautiful ultra realism sex doll, made from premium quality, womanly soft silicone or TPE, penetration of her real feel fixed vagina is just like the real thing. When you’re truly submerged, you enjoy the feelings of physical and emotional release that sexual intimacy with a real woman usually provides. The same applies to having sex with luxury male sex dolls. The only thing that’s missing is the spontaneous response that you get in human interaction.

The leading sex doll manufacturers recognise that people desire and crave a realistic sex doll experience. These needs are only truly fully met when you explore the sex function of sex dolls that look life-like and feel real to the touch. Along with the submerged technology that top-of-the-range and exclusive sex dolls feature, an expanded body, mind and spirit experience is available to the sex doll owner, through AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality) and AI (artificial intelligence).

To further enhance the true to life sex doll experience, some bespoke sex dolls can be customised with realistic tattoos and/or bikini lines. A breathable chest cavity, sensory touch, sound and heating recognition, and possible lactation, and secretion within the genitals, are potential enhancements that sex dolls of the near future may feature as standard.

Companionship is a big reason people buy a sex doll

• Companionship

For some sex doll owners, companionship is the primary reason why they chose to buy a luxury sex doll. Loneliness, isolation, emotional vulnerability and lack of sexual confidence can hold some men back from developing an intimate relationship with a human. An AI robot girlfriend (or boyfriend) offers interaction benefits, plus sex function, without any strings attached. There’s no need to expose vulnerabilities when you opt for artificial companionship, whether it’s by choice or necessity. A beautiful sex doll cannot judge or reject you. Their purpose is solely to cater to your personal technosexual needs.

It’s not unusual for sex doll owners that seek to fulfill companionship needs to end up owning more than one sex doll. Multiple sex doll ownership allows you to engage with different sex dolls in much the same way you might casually date a variety of women or men.

Fetishes are a reason people purchase a sex doll. You can live out your wildest fantasies with a doll. Doll Fetishes are another reason, Agalmatophilia.

• Fetishes

Another reason why sex dolls are popular is that they allow you to explore your wildest secret fantasies, fetishes and kinky predilections while keeping your personal sexual interests private. Not everyone feels comfortable admitting that they get off on something that may be considered weird, unusual or perverted. What you do in the exclusive company of your sex doll is perfectly acceptable.

In your own private space, you can explore your sexuality on a deeper level with a non-judgmental artificial companion. Sexually experimental sex doll owners may choose to enjoy BDSM, wet and messy fetishism, clothing fetishism, and sexual role-play games with their compliant sex doll. You can also safely explore fetishes that are more extreme, without fear of your secret desires being revealed.

Professional mistresses and dominatrixes, and porn stars, sometimes rely on Cloud Climax® sex dolls for a little inspiration. The stunning ultra realism sex dolls are often used for role-play scenarios, BDSM and the sexual explorations of other fetish kinks. Pornstars making videos and clips with Sex Dolls is now becoming an exciting niche.

Agalmatophilia, is a fetish towards dolls, mannequins and figurines. What a way to enjoy your fetish will a life size realistic doll!

Photography and Sex Doll Art are growing in popularity.

• Photography

The beautiful feminine form of realistic sex dolls is appreciated by avid sex doll lovers, and also people who admire advancements in modern technology. It’s not difficult to understand the allure of a full size doll that looks and feels ultra real. It’s therefore not surprising that Cloud Climax® sex dolls are often used as subjects for photography.

Ultra realism gynoid sex dolls are synthetic humanoids with bodies that feature highly detailed sculpting, 3D digital modelling and alloy plus engineering. Full-body joint articulation and mobility add the finishing touches to create a human doppelganger.

Professional and amateur photographers with an interest in technosexual photography are truly spoiled for choice. Photographers that specialise in alternative, cosplay and fetish shoot styles are inspired by the life-like qualities of state-of-the-art sex dolls. Many bespoke customisable Cloud Climax® sex dolls are used for collaborative fashion and body part photography that features online and in magazines.

Cloud Climax® sex dolls are often featured in ultra realism Doll Art. The environments and scenarios, for the artificial companions featured in the shoots, are designed to replicate real life. The sex dolls are dressed up in fashionable outfits and are photographed in human-life poses. At first glance you’d be hard pushed to notice that the sexy, seductive woman you’re looking at is a synthetic humanoid! This specialist art form appeals to sex doll owners all over the world.

Where can you store your sex doll? Out of view when not in use... or not

Where Can You Store Your Sex Doll?

Unless you live in a sprawling mansion with countless empty rooms at your disposal, you are likely to want to store your sex doll somewhere clean, dry, safe and out of view, when not in use.

• Stand

Your sex doll needs a place of her/his own to hang out when you’re not in the mood for artificial companionship. The doll stand is designed to store and display your sex doll efficiently and safely. It features an upright pole with a hanger attachment on which you can suspend your sex doll, and a supportive base. If your sex doll has a removable head you will need two hooks – one for the head and the other for the body.

Some Cloud Climax® ultra realism sex dolls offer an optional footplate, with metal rods that run from the base of the feet to provide standing support. If you like the idea of your sex doll standing independently inside a storage space, you will need to ensure that you request this option when placing your order, as the supports are fitted at the manufacturer’s factory.

Your sex doll’s detachable head can be stored independently from the body, and displayed on a head stand made from durable epoxy. Rather like sculptured busts that are made from marble or bronze, the display stand boasts a decorative plinth base.

• Hooks

One of the most popular ways of storing life-like sex dolls is via the hooks that are attached to a closet bar suspension kit. The hanging storage option preserves your sex doll and makes it easy to dress her. To store, remove your sex doll’s head and secure the bolts in place so that you can separately attach the head and body to the individual S-shaped hooks. You can use the stainless steel hooks in conjunction with a doll stand, to store your sex doll inside any full-body height wardrobe or cupboard.

 • Airbox

Many luxury Cloud Climax® sex dolls are supplied with, and/or delivered in, an optional airbox flight case. The large, lockable adult sex toy storage box is roomy and spacious and comfortably accommodates your sex doll. Constructed from durable black fireproof board and aluminum oxide, the airbox is lined with anti-shock cotton to ensure your sex doll remains in pristine condition when you’re not in the mood to play.

• Rucksack

The top-of-the-range Cloud Climax® sex dolls can be customised to meet your personal preferences. This includes offering you the option of owning a sex doll that has a removable head and limbs. Luxurious and lightweight EX-Lite sex dolls that are petite in frame can be disassembled and stored inside a large, hardwearing rucksack, and temporarily stashed away.

How Do You Get A Sex Doll?

How to order a sex Doll?So now that you know that your interest in owning a sensational ultra realism Cloud Climax® sex doll is unlikely to be considered strange or perverted, it’s time to take a look at how you actually go about getting one…

Unfortunately, it’s not yet possible to walk into a High Street store, pick up a state-of-the-art sex doll off the shelf and put her in your trolley, en route to the self-service checkout. A bespoke sex doll is made to your specific personal requirements so that she is uniquely yours. These customised modifications take time to perfect, so you’ll also have to exercise some patience whilst waiting for your special delivery to be ready for shipment to you.

If you want to own a sex doll, you have a number of purchasing options to choose from:


Order From China Direct

Chinese entrepreneurs are undoubtedly leading the way in the sex doll industry. Bespoke luxury love dolls and AI powered sex dolls can be ordered direct from China. Around 80 percent of sex doll sales in the country are exported overseas, with the United States being the primary shipment destination.

If you live in the UK or Europe, you may consider ordering your sex doll from China direct because it initially seems like the cheapest option. Whilst the price is obviously a major influencing factor for most people, you also have to think about other considerations when ordering your sex doll all the way from China.

You will have to deal with your own customs clearance and taxes. If you don’t have the correct business import accounts and information available, you’ll have difficulty in successfully getting your sex doll through customs. You also won’t have anyone to liaise with when you’re trying to sort out the legalities and situation.

When you order a sex doll direct from China the delivery time is usually somewhat unpredictable. You could find that you’re waiting weeks for your sex doll to arrive only to then discover that she wasn’t shipped on a particular date, so you now have even longer to wait. Or your sex doll may suddenly arrive on your doorstep unexpectedly.

Another potential problem with direct sex doll orders from China is that you have no guarantee that you will actually receive the exact product that you ordered. If the sex doll that you receive fails to live up to your expectations you will have to communicate with people in China in order to negotiate some kind of compensation.

Although buying a sex doll direct from China may save you some money, when you consider all of the potential problems and issues that you’re likely to encounter, the monetary saving is of little value.

Order From A Reseller

The most popular, and easiest, way to order a sex doll is via a reseller like Cloud Climax®. As an authorised reseller for DS Dolls/ExDoll, SM Doll, JY Doll, Irontech Dolls, WM Doll, YL Doll, XY Doll, Pipedream Extreme, and many other popular sex doll brands, we pride ourselves on offering a high standard of quality service to ensure that every customer is 100% happy and satisfied with their purchase and sex doll ownership.

It’s important that you do some research to check the credentials of the reseller that you are considering buying your sex doll from. Look into the longevity of their business, and check that they know what they’re doing. Do they offer a professional and highly responsive level of customer service that answers all of your questions? Does the reseller make you feel confident that they can deliver the bespoke ultra realism sex doll of your dreams?

Buying your sex doll through a reputable reseller business vendor means that you don’t have to deal with the headache of importation, tax, duty and customs. Your reseller will handle all of that for you. Your reseller will also offer you access to forum recommendations, and everything that you could possibly need to make sex doll ownership possible and stress-free.

If you’re considering buying a sex doll from a reseller that drop-ships, you may as well choose to buy direct from China instead! The supply chain management method adopted by this type of reseller means that you don’t have the same guarantees that a business vendor reseller offers you. Your sex doll order is transferred from the reseller to a manufacturer, wholesaler or another retailer, who will then ship it to you. The protections/insurances that you should have in place, when you order from a reseller business vendor, are not available to you in this instance.

Buy From A Forum Member

The final option that you can consider, when buying a sex doll, is to explore the Doll Forum. The world’s definitive resource on love dolls for adults was established in 2001. On the Doll Forum you can find recommendations for reputable vendors (only a fully accredited vendor can become a member of the forum) and also connect with sex doll owners.

You can buy a sex doll directly from a Doll Forum member. Buying a second-hand sex doll may not be as appealing as buying bespoke and brand new, but it’s a more affordable way in which to try out sex doll ownership.

A Cautionary Word Of Warning

Cloud Climax® strongly advises against ordering and/or importing a sex doll that may be considered child-like in appearance. No reputable sex doll vendors will promote or sell sex dolls that look under age.

Unless you want your sex doll to be seized by UK Border Force authorities, and to end up in court with a Sexual Harm Prevention Order against you, or worse still face time in prison, Cloud Climax® recommends that you strictly adhere to the laws that govern sex doll ownership.

The Doll Phenomena

Up until fairly recently sex doll ownership was universally portrayed in an unfavourable light. A man who owned a sex doll was typically seen as someone who was pathological, sexually deviant and/or a lonely loser. Advances in technology have had a positive impact on sex doll interest, and as a result sex doll ownership has experienced a dramatic increase in popularity.

The present day technosexual trend that is blurring the lines between sexual identity and preference, and mainstream culture, is definitely here to stay. A recent survey showed that a third of people in the UK would happily go on a date with a robotic lover. One in five also admitted that they’d give sex with an artificial partner a try.

While sex doll owners may still be members of a marginalised population, more and more people are opening up about their sexual dissatisfaction, and are looking for ways in which to find that elusive sex-happiness that we all crave. Instead of remaining anonymous for fear of judgment, persecution, or labelling, open-minded people are embracing what makes them uniquely human. For some men and women this includes experimenting with their sexuality and exploring alternative avenues that lead to intimacy and pleasure.

The significant increase in the number of people that have eagerly adopted the use of technology, as standard practice, also implies that having a preference for a synthetic AI partner could one day become mainstream behaviour.

Why Are Sex Dolls Becoming More Popular?

Well, you could say it’s because human relationships have significantly changed over the last 15 or so years. You only need to take a look around you, in any environment, to see how technological advancements and social media have had a negative impact on people. Many men and women seem to have forgotten how to properly connect and engage with other humans, and only feel comfortable communicating via an app or text message.

Sex dolls that feature an Android app allow sex doll owners to communicate with their love doll via AI texting. You can easily strike up a volley of conversation with your sex doll, while you’re at work or out running errands to the local shops. This fast-paced ‘chat’ facility is particularly popular with men and women who have already embraced interactive app technology. Being able to communicate with a sex doll in this manner can greatly help to bolster confidence in someone who feels lonely or socially challenged.

Another reason why sex doll popularity has reached a peak interest level is the fact that more and more people are taking ownership of their emotions, feelings and sexuality. People are becoming more open about what they do and don’t want from relationships. In some instances, this may mean that they opt out of intimate human relationships because they don’t fulfil personal expectations of sex-happiness, or any other emotional factor that is equally important to the individual. Instead of settling, some people choose to go without human interaction and/or intimate relationships, to avoid having to compromise. The downside of being true to yourself is that you can end up feeling isolated and lonely.

For a growing number of men and women, sex dolls represent an acceptable alternative to a traditional type of emotional relationship. Although these people are aware that a sex doll is a ‘toy’ for sex function, it doesn’t stop them from having a true emotional experience, even if it’s one-sided.

Pushing The Boundaries Of Relationships

There’s no getting away from the fact that dating has always been a challenge, for men and women. Whilst some people continue to pursue the possibility of meeting their perfect partner, others have long given up on the endless chase. People who are disillusioned with romance and emotional relationships are looking for alternative ways to fill the love void.

Unconventional romantic relationships with AI companions have already been explored in Hollywood movies like Her (starring Joaquin Phoenix, and Scarlett Johansson as ‘Samantha’) and Lars and the Real Girl (with Ryan Gosling and Paul Schneider). The latest advances in artificial intelligence are set to create a technosexual revolution. The technological advances in the sex doll industry offer an intriguing and exciting new development in the dating game.

Ultra realism sex dolls may have originally been designed with sex function in mind, but they are changing the way in which humans view companionship and engage in relationships. Some futurologists are even predicting that sex with AI sex dolls will eventually be more common that sex with a human partner.

Sex Dolls in the future

Sex Dolls In The Future

In order to enjoy an ultra realism experience with an artificial companion, real doll owners obviously want life-like interaction that involves movement, personality and conversation. The sex doll industry is constantly looking for ways in which to upgrade ultra realism love dolls, in order to improve user experience. In the next decade you can expect to see further technological advancements in the materials used for sex doll construction, the design of sexdolls, and their weight, flexibility and mobility.

As someone who is keen to experience sex doll ownership, you’re obviously not going to want to wait around for the technological advancements of the future. When considering which sex doll is perfect for you it’s sensible to invest in an artificial companion that offers the most options and variables for potential upgrade within your budget. A number of luxury branded sex dolls feature a detachable AI head that allows you to enjoy sex function with added conversation, with a selection of different ‘bodies’. Ownership of multiple sex dolls offers the ideal alternative dating option, without any risk of judgment or rejection.

Within the industry, there are high hopes that sex dolls of the future will not only provide sex function, communication and entertainment, but will also be able to replicate human movement, personality and emotion in a manner that takes your breath away. You only need to look at the social humanoid robot (and first-ever robot citizen) Sophia, developed by Hanson Robotics, to understand what’s potentially humanly possible.

At Cloud Climax we have Emma, who is manufactured by AI-AITech in Shenzhen and is making her way into the market as the first affordable sexbot at £2799.99.

Material Changes

Many of the most popular branded luxury sex dolls currently on the market are made from TPE, silicone or mixed media (TPE and silicone). The only lightweight PU (polyurethane foam) sex doll presently available is the EX Lite doll by DS Dolls. The type of material used affects the firmness and texture of the ‘flesh’ and ‘skin’, and also helps to give the sex doll its realistic appearance.

Whilst the materials that are commonly used in the creation of sex dolls are unlikely to change dramatically in the near future, you can expect the quality and versatility to be enhanced. The sex doll of the future will have skin that is perfectly balanced to replicate human body temperature, and that doesn’t require prepping with an electric blanket to warm it up.

The metal skeleton of sex dolls may provide a frame for the material, but to date it doesn’t create a human-like balance. Some top-of-the-range sex dolls are already equipped with the latest standalone technology, but only advanced AI robots boast some form of movement and agility. The sex dolls of the future will need to incorporate materials that allow for flexible mobility, that is both independent and orchestrated by you.

Design Changes

The physical attributes of luxury sex dolls have undoubtedly always been top of the list of design priorities. Your ultimate ultra realism sex doll will obviously feature the physical female components that most appeal to you. Some sex doll owners are more than content to choose a life-like love doll that is one of many pre-designed configurations. Other buyers will only ever consider bespoke.

As a potential sex doll owner buying a bespoke sex doll, you have multiple options to consider, including type of skeleton, the colour of the eyes, breast cup size, skin tone, vagina dimensions/depth, pubic hair, nail polish colour, and whether or not you want your doll to have a smattering of cute freckles. Some sex doll brands also allow you to customise your love doll with body tattoos and bikini lines.

Once the physical aspects have been chosen, the design of your sex doll will influence its personality. AI enhanced sex dolls that feature submerged technology like AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) allow your artificial companion to interact with ‘moods’ that define her/his personality. In the future, this element of the design spec will feature technology that is even more sophisticated than it already is. For instance, the ’skin’ of your sex doll could eventually respond to the lightest of seductive touches.

Weight Reduction

Sex doll manufacturers are constantly looking for ways in which to improve sex doll ownership satisfaction. As luxury sex dolls become more sophisticated and even more ultra realistic, their overall weight is also likely to become noticeably reduced.

State-of-the-art synthetic silicone sex dolls have a skeleton frame with alloy plus engineering, highly detailed sculpting and 3D digital modelling. It’s not surprising that mobility is sometimes compromised in the creation of artificial companion ultra realism perfection. Material composition and design changes will however, undoubtedly have a positive impact on the weight reduction of sex dolls in the future. Heavy and cumbersome to move sex dolls that were difficult to handle and manoeuvre into a Kama Sutra sex position will eventually become obsolete models, replaced by their lighter and more agile love doll rivals.

Robotics & Sex Robots. Find out what is here and now what is coming

Robotics and Sex Robots

In terms of their intelligence, AI sex dolls are not the most advanced robots on the block. Robotic advances are already occurring in collaborations between research psychologists and computer scientists all over the world. Some of the work is focused on the development of responses that are emotion-like.

Current developments in the world of sex doll robotics are focused on making the human-to-love doll sexual experience even more pleasurable and ultra realistic than it already is. Sex dolls that feature submerged technology like AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality) and AI (artificial intelligence) will eventually be upgraded to include sensory touch, a breathable chest cavity, sound and heating recognition, and possible lactation, and secretion within the genitals.

Within 10 years sex robots will probably be able to detect subtle sexual movements, like the tweaking of a nipple, and be able to respond appropriately to the stimulation. It’s expected that the major advances will relate to learning algorithms that are primarily developed for other non-sexual purposes. The primary goal for developers working in the sex doll industry is to create an ultra realism artificial companion that can satisfy you sexually, and also be able to converse intelligently, spontaneously generate dirty talk, and cast a flirty wink in your direction.

Outside of the bedroom, artificial companions could become a useful, practical and everyday resource in situations where partner access is not always available. In therapy situations, an AI robotic doll could provide a non-judgemental partner that is controlled and programmed. In this safe environment people may feel more comfortable disclosing personal issues that they want to overcome. This can include issues relating to sexual abuse, sexual dysfunction and other sex related problems. Other therapeutic environments that could benefit from a robot participant include counselling for sexual behaviours like physical abuse towards women.

In sexual matters, people who experience difficulty in attracting a human partner may find that sexual activity with a robot lover helps them to increase the scope of their physical sexual experience. Open-minded couples could choose to include a robotic artificial companion in their established romantic relationship, in order to enhance the quality of intimacy of their human connection.

Collections & Collaborations

The Cloud Climax® collection of beautiful ultra realism sex dolls are far more than adult sex toys. The sex dolls are so like-like and visually appealing that they are often used in artistic collaborations with artists, photographers and adult entertainers, like porn stars.

If you’re interested in fashion and art trends, you’ve probably admired the many creative works that have already featured stunning sex dolls, without even noticing that you’re not looking at real life models.

• Art & Photography

International photographer/artists that favour the alternative lifestyle, often choose to work with Cloud Climax® sex dolls over human fashion models. Their work is frequently displayed in the glossy pages of fashionable publications all over the world. Famous fashion magazines like Cosmopolitan have featured editorials with stunning images of collaborative sex doll art. Ultra realism sex dolls have even appeared in the full colour pages of Playboy. The sex dolls are posed in realistic settings and scenarios to create the illusion of real life experiences, with a twist.

Erotic imagery featuring Cloud Climax® sex dolls is an alternative way that some photographers choose to present content that feeds our fascination with sex and ultra realism. The sex doll models are provocatively posed in luxurious lingerie, corsetry and figure hugging clothes, in real indoor and outdoor environments and situations. At first glance, you’d be mistaken for thinking you were looking at a real woman!

Other artists choose to use Cloud Climax® sex dolls as muses for literary inspiration. You’ll find an entertaining collection of short stories about the adventures and escapades of ultra realism sex dolls on our website.

Many professional photographers that have a preference for working with sex dolls quickly become owners of multiple artificial companions. Having a selection of alternative life-like models, to choose from as a Muse, enhances the flow of the creative process for artists and photographers. You can expect to see outstanding exhibits of sex doll photography and art, online and in print, as interest in sex doll phenomena continues to increase and grow.

• Alternative Lifestyle

It’s not uncommon for porn stars of all genders to collaborate with Cloud Climax® sex dolls in their videos and adult films. As with all of our clientele, we offer advice to porn stars on the best sex dolls available to suit the individual’s needs.

A porn star may want to partner up with an artificial companion for a new video, or to use an ultra realism sex doll in a variety of experimental positions and/or scenes. If you appreciate the beauty of life-like sex dolls, porn movies that feature them in a starring role could be the next thing worth exploring to further enhance your enjoyment of sex doll ownership.

Coming Next…!

In Part 2 of the Cloud Climax® Ultimate Sex Doll Guide you will discover how and why specific materials are used, and also learn about the production processes. We’ll also give you invaluable insights into the leading sex doll manufacturers, so that you can decide which type of luxury sex doll is perfect for you.