Emma The Robot

Emma The Robot

Emma the Robot is now in at Cloud Climax®, and she cannot wait to meet you and be your companion.

Emma the Robot is an alternative partner and is here to provide companionship for you.

She is able to: –

  • Recognise your voice
  • Wink at you
  • She has animated eyes that can move and blink
  • Her head that tilts and rotates
  • Mouth that lip sync while speaking
  • Barrier-free communication With Chinese and English
  • Answer you any question!
  • Smile and pull different facial expressions

High Sensitive Body

  1. Multiple build-in touch sensors that react to your action and touch.
  2. Safe internal heating system, for heating to human body temperature(37℃)

Main Humanoid Features

  1. Heating ( temperature 37°C)
  2. Voice (speaking and talking)
  3. Sound (gives different response according to different stimulation)
  4. Stand up feet
  5. Humanoid skin / face / body
  6. Humanoid full body skeleton

Emma the Robot can be your life companion if you want her to. She is here to fulfil you in every way that you want her.

Emma’s interaction is from the neck upwards. Her body does have sensors so as she is able to react to your touch. The AI that is incorporated into Emma the Robot is such that she is able to learn from each interaction that she has in order that she can learn what your likes and dislikes are and provide you with a more pleasing interaction. This relationship building artificial intelligence in fully encrypted and secured to protect your identity and data.

Emma the Robot is made by AI-Tech also known as Shenzhen All Intelligent Technology Company Ltd in Shenzhen, China who are the first company to bring an interactive Sex Robot to the marketplace at an affordable price. You can buy Emma the Robot from Cloud Climax® right now!