EX Doll at Cloud Climax

Ex Doll at Cloud Climax

Ex Doll at Cloud Climax

Ex Doll at Cloud ClimaxThe Ex Doll range is now available at CloudClimax.co.uk.

Ex Doll are a renowned Chinese Manufacturer of Platinum Silicone Sex Dolls. The Factory, based in Dalian China is a state of the art manufacturing plant. They are dedicated to the creation of beauty, not just the manufacturing of sex dolls.

Their team includes Professional Sculptors, Engineers, Make-Up Artists and Cosmeticians who all come together to develop the product range and to make Ex Doll the powerhouse that it is in the Silicone Love Doll market.

Development is ongoing within EX Doll as they strive for development and perfection. Production is continually critiqued and streamlined, and Research into new products, new features, skeleton development and artificial intelligence are all ongoing so as the company continues to develop and move forward with new technological advancements.

The Ex Doll range now includes many wigs and clothings items all of which are available through Cloud Climax. Please contact us for further products or see www.cloudclimax.com too.

The new Ex-Lite doll, which is a revelation within the doll industry is only £899 with Free Delivery in the UK.

We also have all of the Ex Doll Platinum Silicone Dolls, some of which are fast delivery and are bespoke made to order from Cloud Climax.

Please contact us here for more information.