EX Summit by DS Doll is Here

EX Summit by DS Doll is Here

EX Summit
by DS Dolls

The Ultimate 2020 Reality Doll…
The time has come to make her yours


We are the still the ones who masterfully create the best silicone dolls.

We want to give our dolls personality because we hope that one day our dolls will be like people, Can run, jump, even laugh.

The process of making the ideal doll is hard, but the sense of accomplishment gained in the process is equally exciting. With this doll we have introduced bionics when improving the dolls bones. The dolls hand contains up to 62 components. these changes make the flexibility similar to human bones.

This doll has not only a beautiful appearance, we feel she has spirit.
After three years of research and development she is here and ready to launch.

We have remastered the manufacturing of the Silicone Doll completely using 3D printing. We have reconstructed body details and skin details and we are using an integrated head and body design. These changes are about getting one step closer to reality.

The degree of exactness with which this doll is produced is dramatically increased yet again by DS Doll and EX Doll.

The new 2020 Summit doll, with fixed head, fixed vagina and anal capabilities is here.

The doll face with waxwork level make-up and the full body texture skin painting, makes her looks more realistic, in fact the most realistic doll that DS Doll have ever produced.

We also have a real human hair implanted option, implanted eyebrows and implanted pubic hair too.

She has a fixed head. There is no more head mounting joint in the neck which makes the neck look so much more real. It looks very natural when the neck rotates.

She has a fixed vagina and many more sculpture details on body. The full body now has waxworks level make-up and color painting, as well as new textures just like real skin. DS Doll have been researching upgrading the minute physical details to give more skin texture on the silicone sculpture for the ultimate level of reality. The new Special skin color is dedicated to the EX Summit range and coupled with the waxwork level colour painting have made the doll skin like real human skin.

They have a new designed skeleton, with Metal mechanical joints, hands and feet. The movement range is the most like a real human from DS Doll. The joint rotation is more smooth that ever before.

Not only the hands but also feet can pose like real person can.Splaying fingers and toes, as well as a joint in the midst of the foot and the hand gives true to life movement. There are no skeleton tightness options, we only offer standard skeleton and joints for EX Summit dolls.

Ultra Realism Doll production techniques have been used to make features of the skin flawlessly real looking and the quality silicone adds to the effect. There is handpainted true to life skin mottling adding to the true to life experience of owning a EX Summit.

Queena is a 100% seamless doll. This really does add to the reality of the doll sculpture. You can see in this image, how flawless a look this gives to the neck and how amazing this doll will be for photography.

Jodie is 152cm and is also a seamless doll. The EX Summit range has the ultimate in realism with the first releases in this range.

Detailed Hands
Real Feel Breasts
and Nipples
Implanted Hair
and Eyebrows
Realistic Ass
and Genitals
Poseable feet
and Toes
Completely redesigned packaging ensures that your EX Summit arrives to you in tip top condition. We ship EX Summit all over the world.

Brand New Technology is incorporated to
make the new Flagship Doll from DS Dolls

Production has started of these wonderful Silicone
Dolls and we will commence shipping soon

The Ultimate Realism dolls are here and with
medical grade materials for your safety

Want one for your own?

Why don't you treat yourself?
Three Years in the Research and Development Lab and here she is, ready for you to take her home.


Oh There You Are!

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