Import of Sex Dolls into UK & Europe 2019

DS Dolls EX Doll at Cloud Climax

Import of Sex Dolls into UK & Europe 2019

We have been hearing many rumours and also concerns from customers and doll admirers about them having worries regarding the importation of Love Dolls into the UK and Europe. I am just letting you know that at Cloud Climax we are having no such issues and that it is indeed business as usual.

Sometimes, the problems that people are facing importing sexdolls to Europe are due to the fact that they are not importing these products as a business. Without the appropriate business import accounts it is getting to be very difficult to pass a doll successfully through customs.

It can also be that they are importing dolls that are not acceptable for import into Western Countries.

Some businesses have reported difficulties, however we have not experienced this kind of situation importing sex dolls EU or UK at any time.

My advice, from Cloud Climax is purely to stick to the rules.

Despite being an authorised reseller for DS Dolls / ExDoll, SM Doll, JY Doll, Irontech Dolls, WM Doll, YL Doll, XY Doll, Pipedream Extreme and more, my advice for anybody who is looking to purchase any brand of sex doll is to purchase through any business vendor. I am not necessarily plugging Cloud Climax. I also 100% advise that no sex doll is imported that could be classed as depicting a person under the age of 18. Any reputable vendor will be able to advise you as to which dolls they would recommend and give you guidance as to how their own processes are working. No responsible vendor will be advertising dolls that are depicted as being under 18, nor selling any dolls under 150cm tall. It is irresponsible to do so and it is against the law. These dolls will be retained by customs whether in the UK or EU.

If you are looking for recommendations for reputable vendors visit The Doll Forum, where only accredited Vendors are members.

At Cloud Enterprises, we only import dolls that are 150cm and above. We sell Adult Human Replica’s that are deemed to be depicting adults of age 18 and above. We are well known as a trusted and ethical vendor.

This post is not about vendors making money or about scaremongering or trying to deter people from buying as an individual. This is about still being able to import sex dolls into the UK and into Europe both now and in the future. As an Adult business we have many processes and insurances in place to make sure that we do not have any confiscations. We have not ever had anything confiscated and we have been importing products from all over the world for a long time.

If anybody has any questions or comments please contact us here, we are always happy to help.

For more information about importing Sex Dolls Europe and into the UK you can also consult our Terms and Conditions where we outline more information about what we do and do not import.

DS Dolls EX Doll at Cloud Climax