Sexual Wellbeing – The Importance of being pleasured

Cloud Climax Sexual Wellbeing blog post

Sexual Health

Cloud Climax Sexual Wellbeing blog post


Sexual Wellbeing and being healthy is about feeling good physically, mentally and emotionally. Being sexually healthy means that we avoid infections and illnesses. It also means taking responsibility to ensure that we protect ourselves and others, emotionally and physically.

In this way, sexual health is an important and integral part of overall health. When we are sexually healthy we make the best decisions for us that we can with regard to our sexual partners and sexual practice.

For people who choose to be sexually active, sex can be enjoyable, safe and should based on mutual respect and agreement.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines sexual health as:

Equality and mutual respect
To negotiate with your sexual partner(s) to ensure that the sex you have is the sex you want
Protecting yourself and protecting others
Protecting yourself and others from sexually transmissible infections, unintended pregnancy etc.
Awareness of emotional and psychological reactions
Be aware of the emotional and mental health difficulties which could arise from undue pressure to have sex or to engage in a sexual activity which makes you feel uncomfortable
Embracing diversity
We should acknowledge different sexualities without discrimination, prejudice or judgement.

Sex and Wellbeing

For many people sex is an important and healthy part of our lives. Sex can be fun, exciting, wonderful and loving. Being sexually healthy means making a happy, chosen and healthy decisions about your sex life. Being sexually healthy also means protecting yourself and your partner/s from sexually-transmitted infections (STI’s).

So What Do We Know about Sexual Wellbeing?

Half of us haven’t had sex in the last month, and one in four of us is dissatisfied with our sex lives, according to a recent survey on the state of modern relationships. Among a wide range of findings, researchers report that almost one in six people said a good sex life is fairly or very important.

The importance we place on sex actually diminishes the longer we’ve been in a relationship. A third of those who have been in a relationship for less than two years saw sex as very important, but this dropped to 22% of people who’d been shacked up for 10 to 14 years.

The ones among us who say they’re satisfied with their under-the-sheet time also report feeling good about themselves more often than the quarter of us who are dissatisfied.

Not too surprisingly, those in the sexually satisfied camp were also more likely to report having a good or very good relationship with their partner.

This proves that whether single, coupled or anything else, sex, sexuality, sensuality and wellbeing all go hand in hand. You can feel much more satisfied with other areas of your life if you are happy in the bedroom department. Sexual Wellbeing gives a sense of fulfilment that is not easily replicated by other means.

What Can We Do If We Feel The Need To Improve Sexual Wellness?

Delve into our online store and you will find a world of products that will enable you to feel the pleasure and wellbeing you need. This helps to assist in living stressless lives in both body and mind.

We have lots of products to assist in your sexual wellbeing; to get that spark back into your relationship or to release the tension out of your day.

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Candles can give a romantic ambiance that can take away the stresses of the day and couples with massage oils or tasty body powders can turn a mundane or crazy day into a passion filled evening.

What about something more High-Tech?

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If you fancied something a little more technologically advanced for your Sexual Wellbeing, then look no further than our Sex Toy ranges. We have Sex Tech for all the latest sexy gadgets and  Couples Toys for those who like to come together whether they are together or miles apart. We also have our Bondage Range for those who like to be tied together. LITERALLY!

Sex Toys, Aids and Accessories can spice up your love life and put that spring back into your step. Whether single or together, orgasms improve mood and combat stress. This is something so truly important in this fast paced world in which we live.