ShockSpot Sex Machine

The ShockSpoSex Machine is the most advanced, robotic pleasure system on the market today. There is no other system available that offers the flexibility and control that is offered with the ShockSpot.

Pounding Sex Machine with Thrust!

The ShockSpot Fucking Machine utilises a linear drive mechanism that produces the same thrust force for all stroke lengths. It is important to note that the ShockSpot force is expressed as thrust force, which is the actual thrust/push force that the ShockSpot F Machine can produce. This should not be confused with torque that is specified by other machines. Torque is frequently expressed in inch-pounds (in-lbs) or ounce-inches (oz-in), which is how much force the motor can produce at a distance of 1 inch from the centre of the motor shaft. For example, a motor that produces 1 inch-pound of torque can produce 1 pound of force at a distance of one inch from the centre of the motor shaft.

So exactly how does the ShockSpot’s thrust force compare to rotary based machines??? A ShockSpot Sex Machine stroking at 12 inches and producing 17.5 pounds of ‘thrust’ is equivalent to a rotary based machine with a motor producing 105 inch-pounds of torque.

ShockSpot Controls

The ShockSpot is controllable through the ShockSpot Touch and Feel software. Wireless Bluetooth control is also available so the ShockSpot can be controlled with a Smartphone. The software is used to select the desired motion or program for the ShockSpot. The system is started, stopped and paused through the software, or palm button. The new ShockSport stand-alone remote control allows the ShockSpot to be controlled without a PC. All of the Stroke parameters are easily controlled with the handheld unit. (Remote Control Unit Not Included but available at extra cost).

The stroke Length (depth), speed and smoothness (acceleration) are configured with sliders on the Touch and Feel software or the stand-alone remote control. The PC software also allows you to select preconfigured programs and customise programs to maximise your pleasure.

The ShockSpot pleasure systems come with pre-configured motion programs that can be selected and customised if desired. The current programs are: ‘A Stranger in Town’, ‘Cyclic Waves’, ‘Indecision’, ‘Little Guy’, ‘Random Strokes’, ‘Slow, Long and Easy’ and ‘The Buildup’. You can save, recall, delete and customise your programs using the ShockSpot Touch and Feel Software.

It will accommodate any desired position from lying, kneeling, squatting, sitting to standing. The ShockSpot Sex Machine is made with high-grade tubular aluminium components that make is extremely strong and rigid.

The ShockSpot System is made in the USA. It comes with a 5 year manufacturers warranty but you can extend this to a lifetime warranty.

ShockSpot Extras

We have a large selection of Extra’s and peripherals for all the ShockSpot Sex Machine, including Adapters, Wireless Remote Controls, Dildo’s and more. Check out our large range!

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