EX Lite Transgender Conversion Kit

£ 179.00

Includes two silicone penises and a conversion plug



EX Lite Transgender Conversion Kit

This is the EX Lite Transgender conversion kit. Use this to make your EX Lite a gorgeous Trans Girl.

Silicone Sex Doll Penis Attachments

These silicone Penis attachments are especially made for DS Dolls.

Available in Two Styles:

  • Relaxed Phallus
  • Erect Phallus

Relaxed Phallus

The relaxed phallus is made only of silicone and is a relaxed penis.

Erect Phallus

The erect phallus is made of silicone but is boned so as you can manoeuvre the penis into various positions of erect.

Included in the EX Lite Transgender Conversion Kit are both types of Penis.

Also included is the conversion plug, to ensure a good penis fit.

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