Self Lubricating Vagina by WM Doll - NEW UPGRADE

Self Lubricating Vagina by WM Doll – NEW UPGRADE

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Cloud Climax is a luxury online adult store, in the sex doll industry since 2013. We are known for sharing our extensive Knowledge and Expertise with our followers and customers and have been nominated for adult industry awards including the XBIZ Best Doll Manufacturer 2020.

We thought that the video really spoke for itself!

The new Self Lubricating Vagina from WM Doll is available as a fixed or a removable vagina.

It is good to go for up to 50 uses and thereafter will function like a regular sex doll vagina and will need lube to be added.

We recommend opting for a removable vagina as you can replace the insert after the (up to) 50 uses for another special lube vagina and be lube free once more.

To use, all you need to do is add water to the insert or to the fixed vagina and move it around to cover the whole area. Then you are good to go.

This is new technology that has been added to the TPE to make this silky smooth magic happen.

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