Silicone or TPE for a sex doll?

TPE Doll at Cloud Climax

Silicone or TPE for a sex doll?


If pricing is a big factor in your sex doll choice, a TPE doll is going to always be the lower price point. At Cloud Climax we have the best priced high quality dolls of sex dolls.


There will always be a level of maintenance with any sex doll, whatever option you choose. A vinyl doll will always need reinflating, a TPE or Silicone will always need powdering.

You will always need to clean any doll after use. This can be made easier by choosing a doll that does not have a fixed vagina.

You will also need to clean a TPE doll or Silicone doll periodically in order to removed any fibres or dirt from the surface using water. Once the doll has air dried you should powder the doll.

Style and Look

When choosing a doll, you want one that is attractive and appealing to your own tastes.

There are many more choices when it comes to Silicone dolls as you can choose several bespoke options to truly make a doll of your own design.

With TPE dolls there are predetermined styles to choose from which are as beautiful and desirable as Silicone but they are usually sold as pre-made styles with no bespoke options available.

At Cloud Climax our advisors are trained to give you the information that you need in order to make the right choice from our wide selection of high quality dolls from DS Dolls. Please contact us here with any questions, we are always happy to help.

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