Is the SinoDoll the most customisable sex doll available?

Sino Doll 161cm E Cup Jasmine

The SinoDoll sex doll may be the most customisable and lifelike sex doll available and with over 20 ways to customise her, she can satisfy even the most demanding of desires.

Each SinoDoll sex doll is created in the production facility by some of the most skilled love doll craftsmen in the industry. Produced with cutting edge technology and unique features the skill, quality and craftsmanship in a SinoDoll are breathtaking.

Sino originally started with TPE love dolls under the 6YE brand but have now moved to only producing silicone dolls, some of the most detailed silicone sex dolls in the world.

If you’re looking for a love doll that looks and feels realistic as well as being customised to your unique preferences then the SinoDoll fits the bill. The top quality metal skeleton is covered in platinum grade silicone to create a strong, yet pliable body that comes in fourteen body combinations of height and bra size.

With over 20 personal customisations there are a mind-blowing 7 TRILLION possible unique combinations – which means whichever combination you choose, your doll will be unique to you.

The SinoDoll love doll is a sex-bomb that’s perfect as a photographer’s model or a bedtime companion. The silicone skin has ultra-realistic textures for a lifelike feel and the expertly applied skin make-up is subtle, permanent and true-to-life both on the face and intimate areas.

This gorgeous sex doll is designed to give you the ultimate sensual experience. Her silicone body has been developed with different densities for different body areas, creating a sumptuous experience.

You can explore the pleasure of softness with her ultra-soft silicone breasts, thighs and ass. Her breasts have a satisfying, realistic wobble and her bum and thighs have just the right amount of grabbable give to them. More stimulating still is the softness of the vagina with realistic sensations that you can lose yourself in. This is a completely new silicone sex doll experience, and, when you’ve finished playing, her full soft physique is great for cuddling up to in bed too.

The SinoDoll has a metal skeleton and is fully posable for photo-shoots, Netflix and chill or after-dark adventures. Her voluptuous, life-size body can be customised with freckles, tan-lines and tattoos and can easily be styled as porn-star glamour model or girl-next-door wholesomeness.

Standing bolts and bolt-free standing technology are both available for upright posing and additional shoulder joints allow for shrugging shoulders.

The authentic experience isn’t just about how she feels or looks, the SinoDoll has a voice customisation so your sexy sweetheart will moan in pleasure as you enjoy her. The heat function warms her torso, arms and shoulders to body temperature making her all the more comfortable to cuddle up with.

The SinoDoll love doll offers more customisation options, many of which are unique to SinoDoll, than any other manufacturer. You can customise facial characteristics, body elements and intimate experience of your SinoDoll. Whether you prefer blondes or brunettes, athletic or voluptuous bodies, tan or pale; you can create your perfect love doll companion with SinoDoll.

Sino Doll 152cm D Cup Amanda

Explore the full range of SinoDoll silicone sex dolls here. and see all the cusomisation options in detail here.

Below, we’ve included some FAQs about the SinoDoll sex dolls, if we haven’t thought of your questions please email us at [email protected]or pop your question into the chat box and we’ll answer as soon as we can.

What comes as standard in a SinoDoll sex doll?

SinoDolls have included lots of their groundbreaking technology as standard into their love dolls including the ultra-soft silicone breasts, human-like skin textures and their industry-leading body-make-up.
Included in every SinoDoll love doll are;
Ultra-soft breasts
Skin texture
Expertly applied, realistic body make-up
Bendable waist
Manicured finger and toenails

What can I customise on a SinoDoll sex doll?

You can customise head and facial features, body features and decoration, and intimate features on your SinoDoll. See our chart below.
Choose your customisation preferences on the SinoDoll product page when you order

Which customisations are free with a SinoDoll?

There are many free customisations that you can choose with a SinoDoll.
Head and face customisations include;
Eye colour
Eyebrow colour
Choice of wig
Lip colour

Free body customisations include;
Fingernail colour 

Free intimate customisations include;
Nipple size
Nipple colour
Labia colour
Fixed or removable vagina

Which customisations do I have to pay for with a SinoDoll

Additional paid-for customisations offer unique options with high-quality craftsmanship.
Head and face customisations include;
Voice feature
Mechanical eyes
Implanted eyebrows 
Implanted hair

Body customisation include
Body heat function
Tan lines
Shrugging shoulders
Ultra-soft inner thighs
Ultra-soft ass
Standing feet 
Doll hooks

Intimate customisations include;
Designer pubic hair
Ultra-soft fixed vagina

How tall are SinoDolls love dolls?

SinoDoll real dolls are available in four heights, 155 cm, 159 cm, 162 cm and 172 cm.

What bust sizes do SinoDoll sex dolls have?

SinoDoll sex dolls are available in four cup sizes; bra cup E, H, I and J.

How much does a SinoDoll cost?

The cost of your SinoDoll depends on which doll you choose and which features that you customise. Amanda, a 152cm SinoDoll costs from £1850. Use our customisation calculator to explore the choices available.

How long will my SinoDoll take to arrive?

Every SinoDoll is created to your unique specifications and shipped directly from the production facility into our UK warehouse. Each doll is then quality checked and shipped to you to arrive on a day of your choice. This process can take up to six weeks.
We’ll keep you informed of progress every step of the way and are always available to answer your questions by email at [email protected] or by phone on 03445070175. Our online chat facility is also available for order queries.