SM Doll Bespoke Options

SM Doll Bespoke Options for your New Sex Doll

SM Doll Bespoke Sex Doll Choices

We are now stocking SM Doll at Cloud Climax. Whilst we have some stocked dolls for fast delivery, many of our customers want to bespoke their doll to their own tastes and preferences. SM Dolls give you the opportunity to do this with many options to choose from.

Take a look through the options that are available with SM Doll and link through to our product pages to make your purchase. If you need any help or have any questions please contact us via live online chat or email and we are happy to assist you. You can shop our SM Dolls here.


SM Doll Heads

Finger Nails

SM Doll Nails

Nipple Colour

SM Doll Nipples

Skin Tone

SM Doll Skintone

Eye Colour

SM Doll Eyes

Toe Nail Colour

SM Doll Toenails

Free Gifts with every SM Doll from Cloud Climax

With Every SM Doll from Cloud Climax, you will receive:-

SM Doll Free Gifts Included

  • Wig Cap
  • Sexy Clothing
  • USB Heating Wand
  • Protective Gloves
  • Wig Comb
  • Cleaning Douche


  • Long Black Wave
  • Long Black Straight
  • Long Black Curly
  • Short Black
  • Black with Fringe
  • Silver Grey Long
  • Long Blonde


A free of charge upgrade to standing feet is available with all SM Dolls at Cloud Climax. To Choose this option select standing feet from the dropdown boxes on the product page.

Vagina Type

You can choose from a fixed or removable vagina with all SM Dolls. A removable vagina is easier to clean as you can take it out from inside the doll.

Shrugging Shoulders

The only optional extra that is chargeable is adding shrugging shoulders to your SM Doll.

Adding shoulder shrugging gives a greater scope for photographic poses and adds a little more character to your beautiful doll. Shrugging shoulders can be added at a cost of £35.










The finger wires are wrapped to ensure stability for lower risk of breakage.

The skeleton is available in both Normal and Shrugging Shoulder versions to appeal to everybody. Photographers should definitely consider the shoulder shrugging version. All joints are pre-wrapped inside the mould prior to the TPE being added for protection. The neck is a multiway joint.


Please contact us if you require more information about any of our optional extras.

You can shop our SM Dolls here.