Dildos Made From Natural Materials and their History

Laid D.2 Stone Dildo

Dildos Made From Natural Materials and their History

Having started stocking the Laid range of Stone Natural Dildos we at Cloud Climax became really interested in the origin of these pleasure devices and whether they are actually a new thing.

We obviously are really impressed with the Laid range and we love the aesthetics and beauty of each of the toys. They are not just a pleasure device, they truly are a thing of beauty and you really have to hold one and see it for yourself to truly appreciate the art of them.

Laid D.2 Stone Dildo

The Laid Range

The Laid D.1 Stone Dildo is made of polished Blue Pearl Larvikite from Norway (also called Black Norwegian Moonstone. The D.2 Stone Dildo is hand sculpted from polished Absolute Black Granite. The age of the stones used range from 300-500 million years old. It is a piece of history in your hand.

The History of Dildo’s

We have found in our research that there are many references in history to the use of phallus shaped objected as sex toys. For thousands of years they have also been used as symbolic objects to boost fertility and made from various materials.

Ancient Stone PhallusIn 2005, a 28000 year old Siltstone phallus was found in the Hohle Fels Cave near Ulm in the Swabian Jura, by German scientists.  They are highly polished and these probably have been used as sex toys. This is noted as being the oldest sex toy to be found. Other examples of male genitalia replicas have been found in France and Morocco.

In Ancient Greece it is reported that traders manufactured and sold ‘Olisbos’ which were natural dildos styled objects to enable women to achieve sexual penetration.

In both Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece it is known that both men and women used dildos for pleasure purposes.

Leather aids were used in Renaissance Italy and high class members of society would have sex toys made of Gold or Silver which were displayed.

The first Dildos of this kind did not arrive in the UK until the 1500’s. In 1590 Thomas Nache wrote a poem called The Choice of Valentines within which some reference was made to dildo use.

Throughout history natural dildo use seems prevalent which really explains our current enjoyment of such devices! Thankfully in this day and age they are much easier to find and you do not necessarily have to carve your own!

Do you need a stone Dildo?

The cool stone that warms to your body, and the heavy feeling inside you really is something else. It is something that everybody needs to experience for themselves to understand the enjoyment! Cloud Climax definitely recommend the Laid Range without a doubt. We only sell products that we believe in and this range is just that.

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