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EX-Lite Candid Review

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Ex-Lite Review Blog Post

EX-Lite Review

Everyone wants an EX-Lite review, so here we go!

The Ex-Lite has now been available for just under a month to the EU and Rest of the World resellers. The uptake on the doll has been phenomenal as she is a revolution in the doll world. There has not been anything like the EX-Lite in the love doll market for a long time; she is entirely different from anything that has been seen previously.

What is different from a ‘normal’ Love Doll?

A ‘regular’ Sex Doll is made of Silicone, TPE or Vinyl. They come in the form of cheap, low-end, inflatable vinyl dolls, Mid-range TPE Dolls with an internal skeleton, or high-end Platinum Silicone Dolls also with internal skeletons which can cost up to £10,000. The EX-Lite is £929.00 from Cloud Climax®.

The EX-Lite doll has a lightweight internal plastic skeleton. This enables her to have a better movement range than an inflatable doll, in that she can be manoeuvred into different positions and stay in that position. She is made from Polyurethane Foam which has not been used previously to make sex dolls but is similar to a memory foam material. The type of Polyurethane foam used to make the EX-Lite is a self-skinning type which means when it expands and sets it develops an outer layer similar to a skin-layer.

The EX-Lite is lightweight (similar to a vinyl doll) weighing in at 8kg. A TPE or Silicone Doll at the same height of 163 centimetres can weigh between 30 to 35 kilograms. The light weight allows for easy movement of the doll, especially for somebody who cannot manage to move a higher weight doll. This is one of the best things about the EX-Lite.

The EX-Lite doll is always warm to the touch. You can find that a Silicone or TPE alternative is cold when it has been stored. It can take a day or two to come up to an ambient temperature once taken out of storage.

A TPE or Silicone doll is structured all in one piece, whereas the EX-Lite has removable limbs. The heads can be removed from all kinds of dolls. Because the EX-Lite’s limbs are removable, it allows for easy storage. The lite doll comes packaged in a compact box that can be reused for storage. A silicone or TPE needs to be hung with a hook, placed on stand, or stored flat which is not an easy feat if you have limited space.

In short, the EX-Lite doll is very different to the TPE and Silicone dolls.

Movement of the Doll

As has been outlined in our EX-Lite information page (which can be found here), you have to be careful how you move and manipulate the doll in order that you do not damage her. Moving the limbs and joint out of the advised range can cause internal and/or external damage to the PU Foam. The PU foam is a soft material that can only stretch so far and going past this allowable range of movement will cause it to split and require repairs.

Please see the movement ranges on our information pages for specific guidance. In my experience with these dolls, you can see and feel when the range of movement is coming close to its end of range. This is visible when looking at the skin as it becomes tight and very smooth.  You can also feel the tightness by touching the skin and feeling how taunt it has become.

The EX-Lite has a lower range of movement than a silicone doll or a TPE. This is so as not to damage the Polyurethane Foam outer layer.

Being heavy handed, using excessive force or moving beyond the recommended range will damage the outer layer of the doll and you have to be mindful of this with the EX-Lite. The outer layer is more delicate that Silicone or TPE because it is just a different product.

If you think you are going to tear it then rethink it. Don’t damage your doll!

“I have had sexual relations with this Doll”

With all that being said, don’t think you cannot move this doll around. She is still able to move into various exciting positions and is by no means unable to do what you would like her to. Using positioning aids is helpful to support the doll without too much extension to her joints and skin. We recommend a Liberator Chaise or Ramp. You can see our Liberator range here (we are an official reseller don’t you know!). You can also position her over a chair, couch, sofa or footstool but she is fully able to support herself.

Current favourites from office staff members are spooning, doggy style and doll on top. Whoever thought that “doll-on-top” would be a possible position, but this is manageable with the ex-lite being only 8kg, and so much more exciting than going to the gym!

Don’t put all of your bodyweight onto the doll. I think this is self explanatory!

Inserting the Insert

To insert the insert, don’t rip the doll to bits. Go steady! Treat her like a lady!

DS Dolls insert the inserts specially in the factory because they have got the know how and they are inserted during the manufacturing process. For all us other mere mortals, we have to go about it in the right way. I’ve seen dolls that have been torn because of mishandling, misuse or just not taking your time and using your noggin!

The insert whether you are using a new or classic style is silicone, and silicone moving against PU Foam isn’t ever going to be easy. The silicone is sticky and causes friction against the doll as it is going in. To counteract this you need to use polythene plastic around the insert or even clingfilm, to make the entry easier. We have also used Lanacane Anti-Chafing Gel to assist in the entry on top of the clingfilm or plastic. It is not a wet lube, nor does it leave residue like vaseline can. It is more of a smoothing primer, that just seems to assist entry into the cavity. (We do not endorse Lanacane brand, nor do we sell it).

The Silicone Insert

Once you have got the insert inside the cavity, make sure you use lots of water based lubricant to ensure you have a very good time.

The new style of Silicone insert that has been released by DS Doll is a lot more aesthetically comparable to a woman. The internals have been adjusted for a more real-feel pleasurable experience. We are still selling the classic style insert if you would prefer this and it is available in addition to the new-style insert that is already included in the doll price.

Skin Wrinkles

The Polyurethane Foam is a self-skinning material that naturally has some wrinkles in certain positions. This is not silicone and it is not TPE, which has the skin look of the ultimate airbrushed page 3 model. The PU Foam does wrinkle when it contracts, under the arms wrinkle when you move her arms to her sides, but that also happens with my wife’s arms! If anything, my opinion is that the skin is more true to life than silicone or TPE.

Think that she’s in her thirties as opposed to her early twenties.

The wrinkles are in no way excessive and are unavoidable when using this material to make such a lightweight love doll.

She’s up there with the best looking that I’ve ever had anyway! Woman or doll!

Repairs and Maintenance

If you do manage to rip the Polyurethane Foam, it can be glued to repair. There are many different glues on the market that are specific to PU and/or Foam or sponge that can be used but a general household glue would be adequate as long as it is clear and does not dry too stiff. Please contact us directly for specific glue recommendations. We do believe however, that these rips can be avoided.

To keep the doll clean you can wipe up any spills that get onto her with a slightly damp cloth. Do not get the doll wet, she won’t like it.

We have been asked about a risk of mould. Your doll will not be any more unhygenic or at risk of mould than your pillows or mattress. Memory foam is better for this than a normal mattress anyway. Just don’t get her wet and you will not have cause to worry about this.

A Silicone Doll requires powdering to keep her from getting sticky and can attract bits of fluff leading to her needing to be cleaned. This does not happen with an EX-Lite.

Getting Her Dressed

So as not to cause your EX-Lite doll to go out of movement range it is highly recommended that you dress the doll prior to attaching the limbs. The doll Bodysuit, which is included, is far easier to put on when she is limbless. You can then attach the arms and legs by feeding them up the sleeves and attaching in the way found on our information page here. we recommend the use of hold up stockings rather than pantyhose or tights as they are easier to get onto the EX-Lite prior to putting on her legs.

You can remove clothing in the same fashion, by taking off her limbs first and then removing any clothing from her torso. If you move her arms to high you can split the armpits. This is avoidable by removing the arms prior to removing sleeves as you get more of a sense of the position your doll is in.

I have one of my EX-Lite dolls in a bodystocking. I inserted her legs first. Then I put it onto her body and attached the legs. Then I put the arms into the arms of the bodystocking and then affixed them to the doll. I put her head on last.

Assembly and Disassembly

You need to insert the yellow acrylic rods into the correct places as outlined in our information page here. If you put them in wrong then you will affect the way the doll pieces together. You will not get a good fit of the limbs. It will also make it much harder to disassemble the doll.

If you do not use the rods then her legs or arms may fall off just as you do not want them to! It can be very off-putting!

If you find that you are maybe using excessive force stop and think; you are probably doing something wrong. It does not take much force to assemble or disassemble the EX-Lite.

If you are finding it difficult to disassemble, you can use a small thin flat headed screwdriver put carefully in between the joint to apply a little pressure to get the joint to release. You need to be careful if using this method not to damage the PU Foam.

Photography Uses

The EX-Lite is an amazing photography model. She is so beautiful and she is easy to manipulate into different poses, change into more outfits and lightweight enough to take to photoshoots. Many of our customers only use their EX-Lite for photography or as a model.

Why buy an EX-Lite Doll and not a Silicone Doll?


The EX-Lite is £929 delivered in the UK. The same sized Silicone Doll is £3295. Thats a major difference!


The EX-Lite is 8kg and the same sized silicone is up to 35kg. You have to be able to carry a heavy weight to manipulate the silicone dolls. This is fine for some but not for others. Some silicone owners resort to using a wheelchair for moving their doll around.


The storage side of things are much easier for the EX-Lite doll. The limbs remove which means that a small storage place is required. A full size silicone doll takes up a lot of space which some people just do not have! The EX-Lite is also warm all the time unlike the silicone counterpart which takes time to warm up.

Easy to Dress

Due to the removable limbs, the doll is much easier to dress that a full sized silicone doll. The Skin also is less sticky so the clothes move onto the body much more easily than a silicone doll.

Who should get an EX-Lite?

An EX-Lite is ideal for anybody! I would recommend it as a good first doll so as somebody is spending only a fraction of the cost to dip their toe in the doll ownership pool. It provides a good opportunity to trial a doll before parting with big cash.

She is also good for those who do not have time to maintain a silicone doll.

The EX-Lite is good for those with little storage space or who want to be able to keep their dolls out of the way by putting her into storage.

The low weight is good for those who cannot lift a high weight doll.

I would definitely recommend an EX-Lite to any of our customers. You need to be mindful that she is not a silicone doll and will not perform in the same way. As long as you do keep this in mind, you will see that the EX-Lite is an excellent product and is worth the cost at under £1,000. A small price for a large doll. Her face is in the beautifully attractive Kayla style and is truly mesmerising.

She is buzzworthy, and a real game-changer in the doll industry. The EX-Lite is for bringing dolls to those who previously couldn’t have one for so many different reasons but don’t see her as a starting doll. She is much more than this, and treated in the correct and respectful way she deserves she can please anybody.

DS Dolls have done extraordinarily well in manufacturing this game changing doll. She’s not perfect, because she is not comparable to a silicone doll. The existence of the EX-Lite is for a completely different reason to silicone dolls. She is there to cater for those who want a full size doll, but normally couldn’t have one. Having a doll in the market just for this reason is amazing. We wish you all well to enjoy her!

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