DS Dolls EX Doll Robotic Technology Update

EX Doll DS Dolls Robotic Technology Update

Robotic Doll Technology Update


We have got some progress on the DS Dolls and EX Doll robot project.
Since 2014 DS Dolls and EX Doll have been working towards the concept of a robot doll. It is still being worked upon, but they have completed a prototype now.
She is based upon the Yolanda face. She has a complicated mechanical structure inside of the head and has very soft silicone skin.The neck is still being finalised and should be completed in next few months.
She can be controlled remotely by a game controller or smart phone at present.
The Research and Development team hope that the robot face can smile, speak and sing. They want her face to be even more expressive than the prototype, more like real people and they want this robot to look stunningly beautiful.
She can talk, but she can only speak in Chinese at this stage. She can listen and answer questions. With this responsive function, they got support from a famous Chinese voice recognition software company.
EX Doll and DS Dolls are still working on the App so as to enable the user to edit all the facial expressions and voice on the phone. Also the user can create their own facial action, expression and voice.
DS are going to hire a professional voice actor for the doll voice in future and maybe will open a crowdfunding project for the English and Japanese versions.
She is not ready for sale yet.
EX Doll have not made the doll with a rotatable neck. This is a removable robot head that can fit all of the current doll body types. This means that the price will not be expensive and you can use the existing doll bodies you have or invest in a new Silicone Doll body.
DS Dolls are still working on this project. They are looking at the product being available in late 2017 or early 2018.
Cloud Climax cannot wait!!!