Sexy Super Plates – Numberplates at Cloud Climax

Luv 53X Numberplate for sale at Cloud Climax
So we had an interesting conversion last week about Numberplates

Number Plates

Personalised Number Plates or Cherished Plates as they are sometimes known, are considered to be a real status symbol, a statement of individuality, an investment or all of these things.
A vehicle registration plate can be seen as Jewellery for your vehicle and having one that is personalised to you or your loved one can be a great investment.

Super Plates

Historically, valuable number plates have been compared with works of art, antique vehicles and even gold! No doubt about it, if Super Plates are purchased at the right time they are sure and secure investments.A super plate is one that is a number and a letter, or one that spells a name, surname or word. These can be a real investment and can make your car look timeless.

A Talking Point

A Personalised Plate is very special to the owner, who usually has a great story about the plate. Perhaps how they acquired it, or why that particular word or series of letters is special to them.

Look at these Plates!

At Cloud Climax, we obviously only have the sexiest of wares, which is why we are telling you about these very sexy Superplates that have come our way this week!

We have these ‘stand-out from the crowd’ plates for sale:


Luv 53X Numberplate for sale at Cloud Climax
FOR 53X Numberplate for sale at Cloud Climax

Yes, these are for sale at the right price… Consider them to be the sexiest couples numberplates around!
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Also available is M19 OAL (My Goal) for all those football enthusiasts!