EX-Lite Kayla Guest Blog Post by Psion Satori

Kayla EX-Lite Guest Blog Post by Psion Satori

Kayla EX-Lite Guest Blog Post by Psion Satori

As this is my first Blog post, I was initially thinking about doing a shoot that was rather special and unusual, and had all sorts of ideas about elaborate costumes and different locations. However, looking through the pictures I’ve already posted of Kayla I realised that most of the shoots I’ve previously posted are all rather stylised anyway and result in Kayla looking completely different in each set of pictures. It also got me thinking about a conversation we had at the recent Doll Meet about ‘consistency’ or more specifically, the lack of consistency in images of the same doll, and also how the same doll can look completely different even when shot by the same photographer. While I don’t necessarily agree that this is a problem per say, I can understand that confusion it poses for people who are trying to decide which doll might be for them.

For me Kayla, is my muse and a constant source of artistic inspiration, developing my imagination and creativity and allowing me to indulge in my passion for beautiful clothes and love of cosplay. I get just as much enjoyment from choosing the costumes, setting up the shoots and taking the photos as I do from seeing the finished pictures.

That said, Kayla isn’t just a ‘prop’ for my photography and she doesn’t spend all her time in glamourous outfits. More often than not, she’ll be around the house in normal, everyday clothes. Its always a joy to arrive back from work, with her waiting for me in jeans and a t-shirt, and to have her company as I watch tv or cook dinner. This is how we spend most of our time together, so I thought it would be interesting to do a quick shoot showing how Kayla really looks when she’s not cosplaying or posing as my fashion model.

I know ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’, and all very subjective, but I think this casual look suits her best, and will hopefully give you a much better idea of her appeal and attraction as a companion, and why I have grown so close to her.

DS normally show the ExLite with long dark hair, but I much prefer her with the blonde bob in these pics. Unless we are doing a photoshoot that requires a different wig, this is how she normally looks and what I class as her ‘natural’ hair colour. Even after 9 months, her beauty still never ceases to amaze me.

Please note that this blog post was originally published on CoverDoll and is posted on Cloud Climax with the permission of Psion Satori.