The Cowgirl Review

Cowgirl Review

The Cowgirl Review

Cowgirl Review

So, working for a sex shop means that I have had the opportunity to try out any sex toy I want, market research and product understanding after all! When the opportunity came up to try out The Cowgirl, I obviously jumped at the chance! Well, I actually lassoed around the office and jumped up and down in a “Pick me! Pick me!” manner! Turns out, I did get picked! So here is my review and opinion of the latest and most technologically advanced Ride on Sex Machine, The Cowgirl.

The release of the machine is now and we have got one on a pre-release in the office for promotional purposes and also so as we can have a go!

Firstly, The box is black and metallic silver which has a luxurious feel to it, somewhat like the Cloud Climax website! They have very good taste over at COTR! The box gives lots of information about the Feel Me technology and more importantly different positions and ideas of how you can use The Cowgirl.

Inside the box you have absolutely everything you need to get started and it is all packaged with cardboard and styrofoam pieces. The machine and all the components were well protected.

There are power leads for UK, Europe, USA and Australia all included, so you will not need to specify which lead you need, you’ll just get them all!

There are instructions for the Feel Me Technology and the Setup of the machine itself. I actually didn’t bother too much with the instructions because it is pretty self explanatory, however they do give a step by step guide that is easy to follow and makes sure that you fit everything in correctly.

The Controller plugs into the front, the power adapter plugs into the back (remember to line up the red dots) and the US, EU, UK or AUS plug connects to the power adapter.

You need to wash the silicone attachments before first use in warm soapy water and they need to be dry before you place them on the machine. The Rawhide and Wild West attachments are both included so you can decide if you want penetration or not. The Wild West has 3.5inches that is insertable and the spring or plastic rods insert into the machine with the attachment on top in order that the internal part rotates. Feels pretty good!

Once you have got all set up, plug the machine in and the red LED comes on the remote. I had a little fiddle about with the remote to get a gauge of the vibrations and rotation before I actually got on it, and my eyes actually watered when I saw how powerful the machine really is!

Both attachments have lots of silicone nubs to stimulate the clitoral area and I recommend adding a little lube to these for extra comfort.

So I set up the machine on a rubber floor exercise mat and chose the Rawhide attachment first.

The machine in itself starts with low rumbling vibrations that get higher and faster and you raise the intensity. You can use the button on the remote to change the vibration mode. I normally prefer a straightforward single vibration speed but obviously for the task in hand I couldn’t not try the different vibrations on offer! I have to say that my eyes were opened and I enjoyed the patterns even more so than the straight vibrate. The unpredictability of some of the patterns really heightened my senses and the anticipation improved my enjoyment too.

Prior to using The Cowgirl, my favourite toy was always a wand for clitoral stimulation coupled with vaginal penetration. However I actually found that with The Cowgirl, it was the Rawhide attachment actually gave me more satisfaction and allowed the stimulation of the entire area and I wasn’t bothered about internal stimulation so much!

The Cowgirl Review by Cloud Climax

As soon as I turned it on I was immediately aroused and I knew it was not going to be long at all before I orgasmed. The low rumbles through to the intense vibrations ensured a fulfilling and intense orgasm that lasted. After each orgasm I tried a different setting and found that I was coming thick and fast, more and more intensely and was reaching a level where my full body was shaking in orgasm.

I was the turn of the Wild West attachment next, and the added dimension of the internal penetration was still satisfying, but did not allow me to do quite as much writhing around as I wanted to. I think that the feeling of being in a fixed position was why I didn’t like it quite as much as the Rawhide. I preferred the rod inside the attachment rather than the Spring because I obviously need something firm inside me! The speed of the rotation was good and I liked it most on the fastest setting. I could feel it hitting my G-Spot nicely and I think I probably need to give it another try or five so I can really get a true feel of that attachment and all it can do inside my vagina!

My partner decided that seeing as we were in the company of one of the ultimate satisfaction toys a woman can experience that we should film it for our own personal use at a later date and to tell the truth it is damn sexy and I can see why this would be an excellent product for use by cam girls. It make a really good watch!

We also used the Feel Me Technology to its full advantage.

He was able to control it from a few feet away and got to enjoy the experience of making me come in ways that we have never been able to experience before. He perfected the art of edging… a slow build up to an orgasm and keeping me on the edge of explosion before turning it down and letting me suffer! We had strong words about that later on after I was fully sated.

The Cowgirl Review by Cloud ClimaxHe was able to join in and entered me from behind whilst I was on The Cowgirl using theRawhide attachment. He enjoyed the vibes on his balls and perineum, which made him harder, longer and eager to satisfy. We lubed up the machine but after a little play we realised we didn’t need it as our own juices were more than flowing! Trying something new is always a great experience but this really is something that we want to try again and again!

The Feel Me Technology also allowed him to control the Cowgirl from our local coffee shop, which again was a real experience! I was even more aroused knowing that he was in control of my pleasure and he couldn’t wait to get back to join in! I can really see the appeal of the technology to people in long distance relationships or those who want that bit of extra saucy kink in the lives. I HIGHLY recommend it!

So, I have let them in charge know that it is highly unlikely that the Cowgirl machine will ever be returned to the office and that it is their fault for allowing me to take it to review in the first place!

Maybe we should have a Cowgirl party next weekend! Round ’em Up and have a Root’n Toot’n time! Stetsons are a must!

All joking apart, I have never experienced a sex machine like it and obviously, I do have sex machine experience with working in the role that I do. The technology within The Cowgirl and the FeelMe App that is compatible, takes it to the next level and then extra control that you can give away ensures for an amazing time and amazing orgasm after orgasm after orgasm.

My record is nine. But I will be trying to break that later on… (It’s mine now by the way!) Shhhhh! They might not even notice I’ve not brought it back! Oh, and you should get one too!