Liberator Product Set Up

Liberator Product Set Up from Cloud Climax

Liberator Product Set-Up

We sometimes get asked by our Customers how to perform a Liberator Product Set Up. It really is pretty easy!

Using vacuum-compression technology, we’ve reduced our shipping size and dependence on paper materials by removing 90% of the air from our shapes without compromising the integrity of the product. It will expand to its original size after you peel back the compression bag. The box that arrives will be quite small compared to the size of the product you are expecting!

Liberator product setup guide


Step 1: Unzip vacuum compression bag and quickly peel back bag to remove your Liberator shape

Step 2: Remove plastic bag. Do not remove protective liner, this remains on the product.

Step 3: Zip the cover closed and enjoy!


To ensure proper fit, align the ‘logo label’ with the ‘care label’ when putting the cover on. See image below for an example:

liberator product setup


The full range of Liberator Adult Furniture is available from Cloud Climax. UK Authorised reseller of the full range!

Set up is really easy and then you are pretty much good to go! No head scratching or stressing out with the Liberator Sex Furniture range. It’s all about the enjoyment!