Shipping to the USA was Never Easier!

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Shipping from the UK to the USA was never Easier, Cheaper or Faster!

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On March 10, 2016 the USA government raised their de minimis value on imports from $200 to $800. It is now possible for UK businesses and individuals to send goods valued below ~£600 to the USA free of US import duties and taxes. With no VAT on non-EU sales, many shipments to the USA are now completely free of all duties and taxes.

This provides UK e-tailers and businesses with a great opportunity to sell goods to US consumers. Through World Parcels a New Yorker can now order a product duty free from the UK and receive it the next day via UPS, DHL or FedEx! Wow, we really are moving towards a global village!

All Cloud Climax® Shipments are sent to East Coast USA using Next Day Delivery and West Coast USA 2-3 Day Service, normally with Fedex. We use World Parcels to ship our USA orders. SHOP NOW!!!


USA has joined Australia in setting a relatively high de minimis value on imports. Australia charges no import taxes on goods valued up to A$1,000 (~£550). Sadly the EU and UK still charge VAT on all imported purchases valued over a miserly €22 and £15 respectively. Come on Brussels get with the programme!

Big Thanks to World Parcels for their awesome information and allowing us at Cloud Climax® to use it!