Lightweight Sex Doll

Lightweight Sex Doll

A Lightweight Sex Doll is sometimes a necessity. At Cloud Climax we realise that there are many important elements that go into making the decision to buy a Sex Doll. We are always happy to help and advise our customers and one of the questions weget asked frequently is about the weight of the dolls we sell. We now have a range gauge on every sex doll product page so as you can judge which sex doll is within your ideal weight range.

Sex Doll Weight Range

This is a low weight sex dollA low weight Sex Dolls are dolls Under 33kg. We Consider any doll under 33kg to be at the lighter end of the scale. We do have some dolls that are, much lower weight than this in the range and we have details of those below.


This is a medium weight sex doll

Medium weight dolls are from 34kg to 39kg and they are the mid-range of the sex doll weight scale.


This is a high weight dollHigh weight Sex dolls are 40kg and above and we only recommend this range of dolls to those who are used to carrying weight. It is not easy to manoeuvre a deadweight when you are not used to it and we want to ensure that you purchase the right sex doll for your needs, wants, desires and capabilities.

Doll Weight considerations

In most cases in the past where carrying a heavy weight has been as issue for a customer, they have perhaps had to think again about buying their doll or perhaps resell a doll that they have bought who is too heavy. Alternatively they have had to come up with another way of manoeuvring and getting her around, perhaps by using a wheelchair.

This is no longer an issue thanks to the Lighter weight sex dolls in the marketplace available to order now from Cloud Climax.

Teddy Babes

Teddy Babes are a lightweight sex doll range at cloud climax now

New to the Cloud Climax range are Teddy Babes, the original lightweight sex doll. We have the full range available to order now, some of which are in stock for fast delivery from our UK warehouse. The new Teddy Babes have plush bodies with a redesigned skeleton for the best ever movement range, upgraded silicone lips and nipples for ultra-realism and anal sex function has been added to the full range too.

Lightweight dolls are ideal for every customer and the design of the TeddyBabes mean that they are also easy to store or hide away, great for cuddling up to and are always an ambient temperature for you to enjoy. At only 9kg, these plushy ladies are not to be missed!


Lightweight Sex Doll

The DS Dolls Silicone Sex Dolls are renowned for their beauty and craftsmanship, but they weigh in at up to 40kg for the largest model, a 167cm doll. This is not a viable option for some individuals, and this is one of the main reasons the DS Dolls, also known as EX Doll, decided to manufacture the new EX-Lite doll.

The Ex Lite doll is made from a plastic skeleton and Polyurethane Foam. It is remarkable to have a full sized 163cm doll weighing in at only 8kg. There will be no more struggling to hold her up whilst getting her dressed! This Lightweight Sex Doll is a real game changer. She has removable limbs, which means that she is easy to dress and to store.

She currently comes in the Kayla Style, and the price includes all body parts (torso, head, two arms, two legs) a wig, a black leotard body suit, stockings, condoms, limb connector pegs and an instruction manual.

If you are looking for a Lightweight Sex Doll, an Ex-Lite is definitely one way to go. At a fraction of the weight of a tpe or silicone sex doll the EX-Lite Polyurethane Foam Doll is in the marketplace to allow all doll admirers of all capabilities to be able to have an Adult Love Doll.

If you would like more information on the EX-Lite please look at our dedicated EX-Lite page here. Please also look at our Informative EX-Lite Blog Review here, or see our EX-Lite Sales page here.

You could also consider a Sex Doll Torso. These are TPE Sex Dolls but with no limbs, so as to reduce the weight of the doll by taking away much of the TPE material and Skeleton. We have a wonderful Sex Doll Torso by SM Doll available which is only 15kg. Payment plans are available….

Please Contact Us if you would like more information.


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