DS Dolls B Class Refurb Doll 163 Plus Body

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Please note that all prices include EU Import Tax, Duty and Fees. The price you see is the price you pay. There are no extra charges on top and we charge no payment processing fees.

CLOUD CLIMAX are now bringing you B Class refurb dolls!!!!!

These have not passed the initial quality control processes within the DS Dolls factory and have been expertly repaired by the specialist cosmetologists and engineers at DS Dolls.

The damage to a B Category Refurbished doll is either a small body scratch or a nick in the skin. These have now been expertly repaired and are available for sale through Cloud Climax.

You can choose any head from the DS Dolls collection. The head is the only part that will need to be manufactured and therefore the despatch time should be faster than for a full doll.

All head circumferences are 53cm, length is 22cm, head weight is 1.7kg and eyes are 24mm. Measurements are a guide and may depart from the actual size.

Body Type: 163 Plus.

Movement :  Stiff

Eyes: Brown, Blue, Green or Purple

Skin Colour: Light Pink

You can choose to purchase additional vaginal inserts but one will be supplied with her.

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Please note that you should expect a delivery time of around 5-6 weeks from order to delivery. We do expect this to be shorter but give this 5-6 week timescale to take busy times into account. Due to this being a B Class Refurbished Doll, the manufacturing time will be less as the body has already been produced. For information about our Payment Plan Option please click here.

We want your doll to be perfect for you so therefore good time is taken in the manufacturing process to make her absolutely 100% amazing.

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Alisa, Emily, Fleur, Hanna, Helen, Tyra, JiaXin, Jiayi, Kathy, Kayla, KaylaCE, Mandy, Nanase, Penny, Sandy, Serena, Snowy, Thera, Yolanda, Youyi, Leaf, Sharon