Robotic Sex Doll Update

Robotic Sex Doll Update Get yours from Cloud Climax

Robotic Sex Doll Update

Robotic Sex Doll Head First Generation

The first version is almost ready for market and is due to be released in 2019. This will be a head that is able to produce facial expressions, blink, smile, all controlled by an App or a game controller.

This will be suitable for markets across the world as it will not be equipped with technology to speak creating no language barrier. It will be able to play MP3 files, so could play songs or voice recordings. It will fit the existing doll bodies available from DS Dolls, which is ideal for current owners and new owners and keeps the development time down. Ideal for photography and play alike, she may even be equipped with an oral sex function. This is currently still being developed and we do not have more information about this function yet, other than it may include suction.

Robotic Head Second Generation

The second version of the head is still under development and will be more of an AI experience. She will be able to converse and answer questions by searching answers from both a programmed database and on the internet. She will have neck movement and be automated to blink, nod her head when she understands and listen for you speaking to her. The Chinese version of the voice control is already completed. She will also be able to control IOT devices within the home such as heating, air con and lights.

She will not be self thinking or have an automated body as far as current development is at this time.

English and Japanese Language versions will also be developed to cater for other markets.

DS Dolls are hoping to develop the doll to be able to move her neck to look around and follow sound.

Current Doll Availability and Innovation

Currently, there are 21 different silicone female faces to choose from for 158cm-167cm tall dolls, which are the Silicone Dolls Cloud Climax sell in the UK and Europe, as the Official Distributor and Reseller. There are also two male faces. All the current heads are being updated to “Studio Level Make Up” as part of a new innovative process that has been developed to ensure an even more realistic look for DS Dolls.

The Current silicone doll bodies that are available are all going to be updated with weight reduction. The 167cm body, which is the flagship of the range, has already had 6kg taken off due to amazing skeleton upgrades. What was 38kg is now 32kg, which is a low weight for such a high quality 5 foot 6 inch silicone doll.

There is a lot of new development coming at the moment from DS Dolls.

The latest S Level make up dolls are Sharon, Tyra, Snowy, Kayla and Yolanda. These new dolls can be seen on both and

Robotic Technology Update

My perception is the first generation is leaps ahead of all the competitors, simply down to the two fundamentals, technology and quality of realism in the facial movement and expressions she will perform. Even from the video release updates are being made on the realism of the facial expressions that the head will be able to make. We are so excited to receive the prototype in the coming months, this is a real breakthrough in advancement and DS are leading the way.

We are going to be taking pre-registration on the First Generation Robotic Head and deposits of £300 towards advance orders. We obviously only have a vague idea of the price at this time.

We will also be offering the chance to pre-register for free with every silicone doll sale. That will mean £300 off should you choose to purchase the robotic head upon its release.

To pre-order for free with a doll purchase please contact us here or at [email protected]

You can Now Pre-Register here:-

This will secure your doll order and the balance will be payable upon release of the first generation robotic head. Your deposit will be offset against the retail price of the Robotic Head and doll body should you choose to buy a full doll with the robotic head. The retail price is as yet not known, only anticipated.

You will receive updates accordingly as soon as we receive new information.

You can also request a refund at any time should you wish to change your mind.

Please read our Terms and Conditions as payment is taken as acknowledgement and acceptance of these.

To Pay £300 as a Pre-Registration fee for the Robotic Doll Head please click the PayPal Pay Now button.

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