How to Powder a Sex Doll?

How to Powder a Sex doll? Find out how with Cloud Climax

How to powder a sex doll?

So you’re looking to buy a sex doll… you’ve probably heard about powdering your new doll, but you probably don’t know what this actually means. Or maybe you haven’t heard of this process and you are wondering why has my sex doll gone sticky?

Why does it happen?How to Powder your sex doll

Most high quality sex dolls are made from TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) or Platinum Silicone. Both of these materials have a tendency to become slightly sticky on the skin surface.

This is due to a small amount of oil residue leaking from the material. Oil is used in the manufacturing process and this is what causes the residue.

Platinum Silicone is the best material for not having a sticky surface out of all the materials used to manufacture high quality realistic sex Dolls.

What can I do about it?

To counteract the stickiness of your doll you need to first clean the surface of any dirt and fibres that may have got attached. You can do this with water and a non-fibrous soft cloth.

You need to then leave the doll to dry fully. Air drying is fine.

Then skin will be a little tacky once dry but should be clean.

Next you need to use talcum powder or corn flour to powder the doll. Using a large powder brush, available from a cosmetic department or chemist, you then apply and brush the powder onto the doll. Using a small amount at first brush in circles to cover the entire skin surface of the doll. It does not take as long as you might imagine and leaves the doll with beautifully soft skin.

Be sure to brush off any excess powder before you enjoy your tack free doll.