The Elena Model 9 Gynoid Tech Doll Open Box Review

See the New Gynoid Model 9 for yourself!

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See the New Gynoid Model 9 for yourself!

Full body panorama of Elena Model 9 by Gynoid Tech

Gynoid Model 9 ElinaThe Model 9 Elena is the much anticipated new doll from Gynoid Tech, also known as Gynoid Synthetics. She has been so eagerly awaited because of the new introduction of the Metal Hand Skeleton, the first doll to have this new system of finger dexterity. This has been designed in metal to move like real human fingers.

Gynoid are Ultimate Realism Silicone Dolls. Some are designed as Art Pieces and others are designed as sex dolls. They have their own secret manufacturing methods, some of which not even we at Cloud Climax know! They are manufactured in China and they use imported silicone. Their skeleton is a secret, however we have seen the new hand skeleton, the first of its kind, which is pretty breakthrough.

Like the other Gynoid Tech dolls, the skin texture and realism are second to none. The way the skin is textured to this finish is unreal.

Whilst we have seen the skin and the detailing before with the other Gynoids that we have had in, we have not yet blogged about it. However, the time has now come!

This particular doll is Model 9, also known as Elena. Model 9 is the first doll released by Gynoid Synthetics which is a classic style sex doll. Other models have had removable arms, legs or both to date. This new doll body is 150cm tall. The breast-waist-hips are 81cm-60cm-83cm and she weighs around 25-28kg. Gynoid give a weight range rather than a specific number. They do this because each doll is individually made and moulded and due to the manufacturing processes, no two dolls are 100% the same.

Gynoid Model 9 Elina


The difference in the Gynoid dolls is that firstly they are 100% silicone. The internal structure of the doll that would usually be made of a type of foam such as Polyurethane or sponge, is actually made from Silicone Foam. They then have the silicone coating on top of this. Then there is another layer of silicone gel which is what gives the amazing external skin texture and realism. Being 100% silicone it means that these are never before used materials, not recycled that are 100% body safe. You can read more about the manufacturing methods of the doll here.

The Hands

The Gynoid Hand with the fingers splayed

Previously Gynoid were using a plastic hand skeleton, which was actually very good. The fingers were fully movable and able to pose in a natural way. The Model 9 shows a move away from this to a fully articulated metal hand skeleton which is able to make all the natural movements of a real hand. the fingers are able to spread and close. they bend at all the right joints and the thumb moves and can rotate just like you expect a hand to be able to do. This is really a breakthrough for the likes of photographers who want to make their poses as realistic as possible and also for those of us who don’t want to have a doll with fingers that bend weird ways!

The realism level of the skin doesn’t stop on the body, the hands are textured to have lines, fingerprints and palmar features. These are so realistic that it is hard to differentiate between a real hand and Elena’s hands. The nails are slightly embedded into the silicone so as to give the impression of true nailbeds and real nails, not just glued on fake ones. They are also a natural colour opposed to the artificial pink or peach with french polish usually applied to sexdolls, which really impressed us here.

The Gynoid Hand Palm with lines and palmar features


The underside of the Foot

The Shapely Sculpted FootThe Feet

If you are a foot fetish fanatic, then Elena is definitely for you! The feet are real feet removed from the lower limb of the wood nymphs and transplanted… JUST JOKING! They’re not real feet, but who could blame you for thinking that might actually be true! The feet, especially the underside are absolutely mind-blowingly realistic. The small blemishes, the toe folds, the heel lines, all make them practically indistinguishable. I also like the ankles. A lot! The ankles are ankles, not water retaining chubby ‘cankles’. They’re defined and slender just like they should be.


See the nipple texture and collar bone definitionThe Skin Texture and Definition

The skin is textured to replicate the real texture of human skin. There are creases and fold lines in the internal elbows.

There are veins added and the way that it has been done, they do actually look like they are below the skin level. These are on the chest above the breasts and on the inner thighs. They look very natural.

Small moles and blemishes are added in natural colouring to add to the naturalistic realism of this doll.

See the Skin Texture of the Gynoid Dolls

The Elena Head

The Elena head is available with the model 9 body and is really nice. The face is textured, particularly on the cheeks and this gives a very realistic look. The make-up is nicely done and quite understated giving a natural finish such as the girl next-door look. The eyebrows are painted on, they are dynamic in their look and they are multi-tonal giving a real distinctive definition to the face. The eyelashes are applied nicely to the eyes and there are lashes all the way to the corners. The eyeballs can be moved and positioned. The teeth are nicely placed, actually inside of the mouth and you cannot see where they are glued in. The colour is a natural very pale cream rather than bright white, which we find to be very nice and particularly good in photography with lighting, they don’t look unnaturally white.


The Overall Doll

Overall, this is a really nice doll by Gynoid Synthetics. Elena is very captivating. Her pink lingerie is well fitting and it is nice to have good quality garments included with a doll for free. You can tell that the manufacturing process, which is about 5 weeks, is well worth the wait as she is a really nice doll. The joints, which are stiff on all the dolls that we received, are nice to pose, the doll moves well under the instruction, and the skeleton moves intuitively with the pressure applied to move the limbs. The joints are well made in that they replicate human movement exactly.

There is an inclusion with each doll that gives you information about doll care and the movement range that needs to be followed to keep the doll in tip top condition.

At Cloud Climax, we really enjoyed reviewing the Elena Model 9 doll by Gynoid. It is really nice to see a doll that has been manufactured with such attention to detail and care.

All of the detailing is what brings this doll together to be exceptional. The imperfections are what make her perfect.

Continued by request…

As we have had so many requests for more images and information, we have chosen to extend this blog to include more images of the back of the doll and to show her in more detail.

The enclosed Booklet with care & movement range

There is a very informative booklet included with every Gynoid Doll, explaining about the use, care and maintenance of the Gynoid Synthetic Doll and also details the movement range that you can achieve with the doll.

The Back

The back of the doll is very defined, with detailed added for the shoulder blade and spinal column. She also has lower back dimples, or dimples of Venus as they can also be known. This shows the level of attention to detail that we are talking about here.

The rear of the legs and back has again the same nice skin texture and also the veins and skin blemishes and moles.

The back of Gynoid Elenna
The back of Gynoid Elena

She also has lower back dimples, or Dimples of Venus as they can also be known. This shows the level of attention to detail that we are talking about here.

Cloud Climax®

The Genitals and Anus

The placing of the vulva and vagina is very natural and is particularly nice looking with full lips and pink detailing to enhance the moulding. The Anus is quite wide and you can see internally the tightness.

I think this area looks very appealing and it is very real looking. The anal gape so as to see inside the anus so splendidly has never been done as well as this before. The creases around the anus make it look like a natural gape rather than just a round hole where the anus should be.

Model 9 Elena Gallery

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