WM Doll Now Released Implanted Hair in all TPE Sex Doll Heads

WM Dolls 163cm C cup with Head 181

WM Doll Now Released Implanted Hair in all TPE Heads

So, you want the ultimate realism?

WM Doll now are able to implant individual hairs into all TPE heads to give a full permanent head of hair to your branded TPE Sex doll. There is an additional premium of £175 for this superior level of customisation.

Hair Length

You can choose the length of the hair that is implanted into the TPE Doll head.

WM Doll Implanted hair length

£175 is for high quality synthetic hair.

You can style the hair as you desire. It can be washed, dried, curled, combed, styled, cut, crimped and straightened but any heat used must be below 140 degrees centigrade.

As you can see in the video each individual hair is implanted into the specialist TPE that has been developed for the purpose of having a doll with a hair transplant. This means that there will be very little shedding and that the hairs are securely embedded for longevity.

Colours available

Implanted Hair Colours available

Human Hair

100% Real Human hair is available to have with your WM Doll Head as implanted. The additional cost to your doll head is £400. Human hair is better to work with for styling as you do not have the heat constraints associated with synthetic hair. Cloud Climax would recommend that you do not use too many hot heating tools on the implanted human hair in case of damaging the TPE.

If you would like to purchase a WM Doll with Transplanted hair or you would like to upgrade to a new WM Doll Head with a hair transplant then check out in our online shop where all WM dolls are available with implanted hair now.

Please contact us if you have any questions.