Sex Dolls Are For Women Too

Sex Dolls are for women too

Sex Dolls Are For Women Too

While female sex dolls are used to getting all of the attention, in the bedroom and elsewhere, their male counterparts have patiently remained on the sidelines, waiting for their moment in the spotlight. Finally, the time has arrived to reveal that sex dolls are not just for men! Women can enjoy as much physical sexual and psychological satisfaction as men, from spending time in the company of an artificial companion.

Men and women who are keen to be the first to explore intimacy on another level are open to experimenting with ultra realism sex dolls. This type of relationship doesn’t require any messy emotional entanglement. Instead it’s an investment that offers unlimited returns.

Premium quality silicone and TPE love dolls are far more than just another accessory to add to the ever-growing sex toy collection. These ultra realism ‘toys’ feature the latest AI technology, skeletons that are made from strong, durable metal, and soft to the touch skin. They can be customised to accommodate your personal preferences, and feature a range of life-like movements that allow you to interact with them just like you would with a human being.

The New Sexual Revolution

During the profound societal change of the sexual revolution of the 1960s, young men and women became more open-minded and sexually liberated. They were willing to try new experiences on a quest for heightened pleasure. Unfortunately, career demands and motherhood caused many women to have an identity crisis, which resulted in them putting their own needs on the back-burner so that they could prioritise everything else.

Sadly, life stuff simply got in the way of achieving true sexual fulfilment for a great number of women. Instead, women settled into married life and gave up their sexual power in the bedroom. It’s really not surprising that there are so many women who hold back on intimacy and end up in a sexless marriage. It’s not possible to truly sexually connect with a partner until you know your own sexual identity.

Men have long been aware of the attraction of sex dolls. ‘Playing’ with love dolls is often perceived as something that only socially challenged and lonely men do. The truth is that sex dolls enable open-minded adults to understand a unique aspect of their personalities and sexual needs and preferences.

Sure, sexual gratification usually comes into it. But so too does companionship. Individuals and couples that openly explore their sexual desires and secret fetishes, with the aid of ultra realism sex dolls and adult toys, have clearly embraced the new sexual revolution. Maybe it’s time that you considered if you want to explore it too?

Expressing Sexuality

Men are naturally inclined to seek out ways in which to achieve sexual gratification. Their sexuality is commonly openly expressed through monogamous relationships/casual encounters and copious episodes of masturbation. Women however, tend to keen their private sexual needs private. For all of their showy camaraderie with other women, even their bestest friends have no idea what really floats their boat.

Sexually promiscuous behaviour, in both men and women, is usually caused by suppressed sexuality. Sexual repression has a detrimental impact on physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. When you express your sexuality openly and with confidence, you can enjoy sexual fulfilment, deeper emotional intimacy and physical ecstasy. Life-like silicone sex dolls can help women and men bridge the gap between sexual suppression and sexual liberation.

Contrary to popular belief, not all women buy into getting their kicks from reading trashy erotic novels. A lot of women require stimulation that is both visual and physical. The popularity of vibrating sex ‘toys’ clearly shows that women are actively demanding and seeking ways to satisfy their deepest sexual desires.

Being open to experimenting with a fully customisable artificial companion is undoubtedly the next obvious step in the development and achievement of a woman’s sexual freedom. Women need to get wise to the fact that a premium silicone male sex doll comes with a detachable penis that empowers them to take back control in the bedroom!

Alternative Intimacy

Alternative intimacy comes with many benefits. Men who prefer the company of a synthetic lover often cite the desire to eliminate emotional stress and distress from their life as the primary reason for disconnecting with real women. A superior quality silicone sex doll fulfils their needs in the bedroom and provides companionship in the living room, without the need to expose fragile emotions. In a loving relationship, where the man has a greater insatiable need for sexual gratification than his partner, ultra realism silicone sex dolls can take care of the extras and eliminate the threat of an illicit affair.

Male DollThree-dimensional artificial companions offer a relatable connection and can also open the door to potential sexual liberation. For women who feel sexual suppressed, a male love doll can help them reconnect with their vivid imagination and open up a world of sexual possibilities. Women who are tired of dealing with men who don’t view them as equals, or guys who are emotionally immature, can easily establish a connection with a life-like male sex doll.

In an intimate relationship where both partners are equally open and interested in safe sexual experimentation, a synthetic lover is the perfect playmate. A life-like love doll can enhance your understanding of your partner’s emotional, physical and sexual needs, and also teach you how to fulfil their desires. If you’re really open-minded, you can introduce ‘his’ and ‘hers’ sex dolls into the mix.

Luxury state-of-the-art female silicone sex dolls are anatomically perfect and can be customised to look like your fantasy woman or your loving partner. The ultra realism sex doll’s ergonomic movable joints allow you to explore multiple sex positions. Her customisable vagina can be fixed or replaceable, and is available in one of three depths, with optional implanted pubic hair. Male sex dolls are designed for both female and male play. They have a removable penis and offer oral and anal sex functions. Silicone sex doll erect penis attachments are also available, and can be used with branded female and male love dolls.

Bi Curious Exploration

For some women fantasy fulfilment can only be achieved through sexual experimentation with another female. This is one of the common reasons why some couples choose to explore MFF threesomes. The trouble with introducing another person into your intimate relationship is that emotional insecurities and jealousy often spoil things. There is however, an obvious solution to this problem…

Bi curious women can enjoy experimenting with a life-like female sex doll. Luxury silicone sex dolls feature highly detailed sculpting and 3D digital modelling, alloy plus engineering, and full-body joint articulation and mobility. Made from high quality non-toxic platinum silicone that is eco-friendly, female love dolls have smooth, flawless skin and feminine assets that are customisable. The top-of-the-range realistic sex dolls feature removable limbs and boast the latest technology that allows them to standalone.

Designed with a primary sex function in mind, female silicone and TPE sex dolls offer a true to life experience to any woman that is sexually attracted to the ladies. Just like men, women can enjoy a genuine alternative girlfriend experience with an artificial intelligent sex doll robot that also happens to stimulate and satisfy them sexually.

If You’re A Woman Reading This:

Although the current choice of life-like silicone and TPE male sex dolls isn’t yet as impressive as the extensive range of female artificial companions, interest in these ‘toys’ is highly likely to lead to the creation of more variations. After all, supply is based on demand.

If you long for a fantasy sex doll playmate that looks like the latest hot sex symbol, you may not have to wait too long. Advancements in the world of modern day sex doll technology continually aim to deliver what people really want. In the meantime, women can liberate themselves sexually via experimentation with like-like male love dolls that boast a detachable penis.

Bi curious women that are intrigued by the idea of sexual experimentation with a female sex doll really are spoiled for choice. Browse the vast collection of beautiful ultra realism female love dolls, to find the one that most appeals to your secret desires.

If You’re A Man Reading This:

It’s time to take note that sex dolls are for women too. If you’re in a loving, long-term relationship be open to discussing your intimate needs and fantasies with your partner. While she may run a mile if you suggest a threesome with her best friend or your co-worker, she may be surprisingly curious about exploring a connection with an artificial companion.

If you’re a single guy who regularly enjoys the company of a customisable sex doll, there’s no need to limit your choices. You can easily upgrade your current silicone love doll or purchase an additional luxury sex doll to extend your collection. Should you desire to establish a romantic connection with a real woman, taking her home to meet your artificial companions could inspire your new girlfriend to explore her sexuality.


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