SexBot Emma Information Video

AI-AITech Emma the Sex Doll Video Cover

If you have been thinking about getting a Sexbot, then Emma must be on your list!

With her AI capabilities it may be that Emma really is the Sex Robot for you. It is easy to read through list after list of what functions Emma has and what processor she has, but what does that all really mean? Sometimes the jargon isn’t easy to understand and you just want to know how she works!

We have a video now which shows what Emma is capable of and you can see it here.

Emma can be your companion and your lover. She is equipped intellectually to chat with you can you can be equipped developmentally to add phrases, answers to questions and music to Emma so as she can interact with you in a more pleasing way.

Artificial Intelligence is coming a long way and that is now successfully being incorporated into Realistic Sex Dolls to produce products like Emma, who is at the most affordable price for a Sex Robot in the marketplace when compared to the Harmony Sex Robot and the Samantha doll from Synthea Amatus.

AI-AITech are continuously updating Emmas programming and endeavouring to make her one of the best sex dolls with artificial intelligence in the market. Lifelike sex dolls are becoming true reality now with the addition of robotics and the manufacturer is carrying on development of the Emma range of Robotic Dolls and we will continue to keep our customers updated with new Emma products and developments.

The Android App and Online portal are the newest development from AI-AITech. You can see how these work in the video.


You can view Emma in our Sex Robot Shop here!