VRotica Headset Review by Cloud Climax

Vrotica VR Porn Headset

VRotica Headset Review by Cloud Climax

So we have been sent a VRotica Headset to try out from the lovely people at VRotica.

The Vrotica Headset is a VR Headset that plays porn and nothing else. It is a easy to use, straightforward to operate headset and it is true when they say it is plug and play. You turn it on and it really is ready to use.

Vrotica VR Porn Headset

Introduction to the VRotica Headset

The headset is well padded on that part that is against your face and the head straps are fully adjustable for comfort and to ensure a good fit. I looked around, jumped up and down and shook my head all over the place and it was not for flying off!

The VRotica Headset has a fully integrated screen so there is no need to fiddle around trying to fit your smartphone inside. This is absolutely great! WHO wants to be interrupted by calls or notifications when they’re ‘submerging in the experience’!?

Unboxing the VRotica Headset

So I unboxed the headset… Along with the porn headset you also get a USB cable, head straps, a set of headphones, the instruction manual and a screen cloth.

The box is well padded and insulated, there is no chance of it rattling around in there!


  • Display: 5.5inch 1920*1080 Full HD
  • Wifi
  • Battery: 3000mAh
  • Weight: 420g
  • Size: 176mm * 122.5mm * 92 mm
  • Adjustable lenses

VRotica Headset vs. Other Headsets

We asked the VRotica experts, what the difference is between the Vrotica headset and others in the market?

Vrotica Headset versus

  • Standalone headset
  • No cables required
  • readily available porn
  • Easy to use
  • Lower priced
  • Easy to take with you

Getting Set Up

So I attached the head-straps, pugged in the headphones and put it on my head.

The buttons are very accessible on the sides of the headset and on the top are two sliding switches so as you can change the distance of the screen from your eyes and also change the distance of the viewing lenses.

You use a digital spot on the screen combined with the ok button to select on the screen.

There are six videos that are already loaded and ready to access on the headset. These can be watched straight away.

You also can connect to the internet via wifi and then register your headset online with the code on the screen. You can open an account and buy credits or video packs to add more content to the headset.

Vrotica VR Porn Headset

Vrotica VR Porn Headset

Vrotica VR Porn Headset

Accessing Content

Accessing the content is so simple! You turn on the headset and pick your video!

Content Selection

I found there to be a good selection of videos to choose from and more content was added to the selection of videos to download whilst I had use of the headset. There are more videos and content providers being added all the time. I thought that there was a good selection of videos for all tastes and orientations which seems to have been really well thought out with consideration.

Using the headset

Once I had the headset on and had chosen a video to watch, I was impressed with the quality of the visuals both content and the display quality.

I quite liked the fact that because the headset is sold alone it means it is for everyone and not just aimed at men. There is a wide array of videos for everybody to enjoy and due to no other peripherals being included you can choose whether you use any other apparatus with the headset or not.

There is no chance of interruption from calls or notifications, which really allows you to enjoy the moment.

Overview of the VRotica Headset

Overall I had a really good time with VRotica Headset. It was easy to set up and get started and easy to use thereafter. I didn’t need the instructions, it was pretty self explanatory.

The video choices were excellent and the fact that some were already included was good too.

I think that having a headset specifically for VR Porn watching is a great idea and that everyone should have one!

So, where can I get a VRotica Headset?

You can get your VRotica Headset right now from Cloud Climax® right here. You can take £50 off at Checkout now using the code VROTICA.