What is Cloud Climax all about?

Psion Satori at Cloud Climax

What is Cloud Climax all about?

Cloud Climax Online Adult Boutique

Cloud Climax was founded with a view to fill gaps in the market and make the more extreme products in the Sexual Wellbeing Market more readily available in the UK. The initial aims have been to bring Sex Machines and Sex Dolls into a far more dominant position in the UK sector.

We also have a significant interest in Teledildonics and Interactive Sex Toys and see this as the industry moving forwards into a technological era. More and more devices now are centred towards sexual wellness, lifestyle and wellbeing and we at Cloud Climax see ourselves as a lifestyle and wellbeing brand.

At Cloud Climax we also want to take away the seediness and shock that is usually associated with more unusual sex toys and help to promote normalcy for these products. Why should a doll not be considered a normal sex toy, like a Fleshlight? It is effectively the same thing on a larger scale after all.

We want to bring sex dolls products into the forefront of the market and get around the prudishness and the thinking that they are just made for men. We have male dolls and transgender dolls too and a lot of our customers are female and a lot are couples too.

We have a great level of Customer Service and we aim to help, assist and advise our customers as well as selling to them. Advice before and aftercare are a large part of what we do too.