Why choose a sex doll?

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Why choose a Sex Doll?

Sex dolls have been created to provide realistic sexual pleasure. The experience is like having sex with an adult partner. You are fully in control of the experience and you can try anything you would like to without the constraints of finding another adult to consent to do that with you.

All of our sex dolls are made from 100% body safe medical grade materials that ensure your safety with their use. All relevant tests and checks are made on the materials and we can provide compliance certificates. Most of these are already found on our website.

Who wants a sex doll?

We have many, many people coming to us for a sex doll. The taboo of doll ownership is now a lot less than in the past as sexuality becomes something to be celebrated as opposed to being hushed and not spoken about.

Many people in their busy lives do not have time to find a partner or may struggle with social skills and just find it really difficult to interact. This becomes increasingly more so with the advances in technology and social media. Generally, people are just speaking to eachother and interacting with one another a lot less.

We have men or women looking for either male or female dolls, we also have couples looking to add a doll into their lives to live out a threesome or group sex fantasy without having to find real people to do that with. Having a doll to fantasise with can keep you safe and secure in your current relationship.

With our Silicone dolls all the body types, heads, faces, vaginal inserts, penis inserts, wigs, eye colours are interchangeable. You can design your doll to the exact type that you like. You could even make yourself a transgender sex doll if this is your preference.

How much is a sex doll?

We have several types of dolls. The cheapest are standard novelty blow up dolls which start from £20. We then have higher quality vinyl dolls which are around £200. For more of a doll ownership experience we have the EX-Lite doll with is a revolutionary lightweight PU foam doll and is collapsible for easy storage. These are around £800. We then have the TPE sex dolls which start from £1349 and are more of a ‘proper’ sex doll. The most realistic dolls that we have are the Silicone sex dolls and they are starting from £2895.

How Many Holes?

The female dolls have vaginal and anal orifices with some dolls having a removable vagina for easy cleaning. Some also have an oral sex function. The male dolls have anal holes and have interchangeable penises. All inserts, penis and vagina, fit all dolls.

Bespoke choices

The most customisable sex dolls that we sell are the Silicone range of dolls. You can choose body types and height, faces, hair, eyes, fingers with or without bones, loose or stiff joints, pubic hair or none.

Need more help?

Please contact us for more advice about choosing a doll. We have many types of doll, vinyl, foam, TPE and Silicone. We are very knowledgeable and happy to help you choose.